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St Lucia needs to crackdown on economic crimes and record homicides

  • Five homicides between Castries and the north, “where real people live.”
  • ‘The Custody Suites Project will end operational disruptions and administrative displacement endured by our hardworking police officers for over three years.’
  • Successive years of 75 homicides.

By Caribbean News Global contributor

GROS ISLET, St Lucia – With the second fatal shooting within 24 hours in Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia, the latest a French National, reports five homicides and numerous unreported lawless infractions between Castries and the north, “where real people live.”

It is an undisputed fact, truth and a grim reminder of historical knowledge that Castries should be designated an ‘escalated crime area, as the crime episode is intensifying in Castries and the north, “where real people live.”

No harm can be done, more than it is already, except to use the opportunity as a broader reform to strengthen the fight against economic crime, the rising threat of the underground economy, coupled with the triangle of Martinique, Saint Lucia and St Vincent fuelled by South America influence of illegal trade.

Caribbean News Global (CNG) feature article, “Castries should be designated an ‘escalated crime area’” received push-back of convenient denials, not the least of which Vieux-Fort was fair game for designation, but for one way or another, not the city of Castries and the north, ‘where real people live,’ representing the majority of the island’s population and the co-called affluence of Saint Lucia. Tourism is also nestled in that jurisdiction.

Castries should be designated an ‘escalated crime area’

Last year, a ‘Request for sensitivity in reporting the June 11 homicide incident – St Luciawas registered:

“We understand the importance of accurate and responsible journalism, and we appreciate the media’s role in keeping the public informed. However, it is our sincere belief that mentioning the IGY Rodney Bay Marina directly in connection with this incident may unnecessarily perpetuate fear and trauma among those who are affected, including visitors, as well as potentially discourage visitors from coming to our beautiful destination.” ~ CNG publication June 13, 2023.

Delivering the New Year’s address Prime Minister Philip J Pierre, said:

In 2023, we witnessed an alarming increase in gun-related homicides particularly among some young males fueled by an imported gang culture. We are committed to attacking that problem with all available resources and call on the support of the public, and all social and non-government organizations.”

Saint Lucia’s crime statistics report successive years of 75 homicides, [excluding under-reporting].

We will continue to empower the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with the technical, physical, and human resources they need to detect and solve criminal activity. The timely dispensation of Justice will be improved with the commencement of the construction of the new Halls of Justice during this fiscal year providing a suitable working environment for judicial officers. Government pledges its support and availability to constructive dialogue on the improvement of citizen security in our country.” January 7, 2024.

Chief Medical Officer, (CMO) Dr Sharon Belmar–George highlighted in The General Health Summary 2023:

“The increasing impact of violence and injuries due to crime and motor vehicular accidents on the hospital system and blood bank resources remains of serious concern.” January 10, 2024.

Custody Suites Project

Rectified and reconstructed

According to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), January 16, 2024, statement, Prime Minister Pierre is committed to rebuilding the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) brick by brick.

“In his first year in office, the prime minister initiated the Custody Suites Project. The new facility will be larger than the previously destroyed structure. It will be equipped with eight holding cells and outfitted with cutting-edge technology and amenities to support police administration and operations in the capital. The Custody Suites Project will end operational disruptions and administrative displacement endured by our hardworking police officers for over three years,” the OPM said.

Caribbean News Global (CNG) Insights has consistently and correctly argued, (based on fact and its range of expertise) that the “St Lucia Police Force is a colonial dinosaur of political repositories” and that St Lucia’s police force is beyond repair, and should be disbanded, not St Lucia government to rebrand the police force, says home affairs minister.

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Saint Lucia is at a point of being ungovernable,” said a law enforcement resource, in a conversation, January 15, 2024. “Enforcement of the regulations has become almost impossible. Unless the government tightens the screws back, there will be no abatement in the homicides.”

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