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What real change looks like

Dear Sir

Now that real change is taking place in the United States and other countries in the world, by the actions of the people, it would be even greater if change can also take place to seal the actions of all the American people who worked so assiduously and tirelessly, for the betterment of themselves and their country.

The American government should consider changing the phrases, African American, Chinese American, Indian American, German American, British American.

Options for the above include the phrases, American African, American Chinese, American Indian, American German, American Britain.

This would make a human being feel more welcome and loving to live as a first-class citizen in America, knowing that you are an American first.

Trinidad should also follow suit and change the phrases, Afro  Trinidadian, Indo  Trinidadian, Chinese Trinidadian, Syrian Trinidadian, Venezuelan Trinidadian to Trinidad African, Trinidad Indian, Trinidad Chinese, Trinidad Syrian, Trinidad Venezuelan.

These changes can bring more peace and love to the country when an individual knows that the constitution upholds a first-class citizen and not a second class.

Perhaps all countries in the world can follow, to ensure more peace and love, that the world so much needs today. I applaud the American Africans, for their strength and bravery.

May the Almighty Spirit bless us all to live long and prosper.

Jeff  Naipaul

Trinidad and Tobago



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