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Venezuelan Supreme Court ruling disregards the Barbados Agreement

WASHINGTON / VENEZUELA – The recent actions of the Venezuelan dictatorship of prosecution and political imprisonment of opponents, especially those linked to the majority opposition leadership, have made it clear that the dictatorship had no intention of allowing clean and transparent elections to be held, says the Organization of African States (OAS).

“The clear objectives of political persecution that have been exposed were reaffirmed with the ratification of the disqualification of the candidate who won the primaries and who is first in the polls, María Corina Machado,” adding “her leadership is irreplaceable, as is all leadership that arises from the convictions and interests of the people. It would be pathetic and repulsive if someone tried to take that position, ignoring the indisputable popular assertion that occurred in the country in the primaries.”

The OAS noted that this dictatorial logic of political persecution and violation of the political rights of citizens – absolutely foreseeable and to be expected given the background of the regime – once again eliminates for Venezuela the possibility of free, fair and transparent elections.

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS), which in recent years has shown that it will not accept any dictatorial ideology, will continue to speak out against and denounce the dictatorship and its authorities, and will never abandon the fight for the return of democracy to Venezuela.

“We must never believe that this dictatorship will fulfil agreements and commitments that it has made; the most persistent thing has always been their violation. On the other hand, the OAS General Secretariat will never cease in its efforts to ensure justice for the victims of systematic human rights violations by dictators, based on the principles of truth, justice, memory, reparation and non-repetition and, on the basis of respect, urges all international actors to join this ethical project,” the OAS concluded.

Meanwhile, the US Department of State warned that the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s January 26 decision to disqualify democratic opposition primary winner Maria Corina Machado is inconsistent with the commitment by Nicolás Maduro’s representatives to hold a competitive Venezuelan presidential election in 2024.

“The reinstatement process lacked basic elements, as Machado neither received a copy of the allegations against her nor was afforded the opportunity to respond to those allegations.

“This deeply concerning decision runs contrary to the commitments made by Maduro and his representatives under the Barbados electoral roadmap agreement to allow all parties to select their candidates for the presidential election. The United States is currently reviewing our Venezuela sanctions policy, based on this development and the recent political targeting of democratic opposition candidates and civil society,” the US Department of State said in a press release.



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