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US, Canada and Mexico discuss antitrust enforcement

OTTAWA, Canada – The heads of the antitrust agencies of the United States, Canada and Mexico met in Ottawa, Canada, to hold an annual dialogue on antitrust enforcement and policy priorities. The discussions covered a range of topics including enforcement and collaboration involving digital markets, updates on agency developments, international cooperation and challenges to antitrust enforcement faced by each agency.

“International collaboration is a vital part of the work of the Antitrust Division and it is especially important for us to maintain close relationships with our enforcement partners next door,” said assistant attorney general Delrahim. “Our shared tradition of cross-border collaboration helps ensure a competitive marketplace for consumers throughout North America.”

“As the economies of the US, Canada, and Mexico become increasingly interconnected, it is vital that we cooperate closely with our Canadian and Mexican counterparts on emerging digital economy competition matters and other issues of mutual concern,” said FTC chairman Simons. “As today’s meeting demonstrates, our close cooperation can serve as a model for the world.”

The meetings build on the foundations built by the 1995 cooperation agreement between the United States and Canada, the 2000 agreement between the United States and Mexico and the 2001 agreement between Canada and Mexico. The agreements commit the antitrust agencies to cooperate and coordinate with each other to make their antitrust policies and enforcement as consistent and effective as possible.



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