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These UWP supporters in Dominica are ‘just horrible’

Dear Sir:

Now that we have worked together in tandem and succeeded in ensuring our Dominica Labour Party (DLP), has been granted a further five-year term in office; we would have thought that we could have laid back and become part of the dynamics of development.

Apparently, not so. For the United Labour Party (UWP) and its supporters, the lesson of losing an election has been understood as a cry to arms and attack mode on everything and everyone labour.

They do not accept that the people have spoken in twenty-one constituencies [18/3]. The UWP claims that people have only spoken in their three constituencies. They call for civil resistance and protests to be continued, and they have converted the internet into the Wild Wild West.

The UWP continue online to attack anyone with a view supportive of the government. They wear their blue saw banner in their profile and spread misinformation and outrage designed to demean.

There is a particular thread of the feisty Anette Sanford that needs identifying for it serves to show a large but minority swath of the Kalinago people in a negative light. The fact is that the face of the Kalinago is implanted in a significant part of the Dominica bloodline. The face of the Kalinago is not and does not belong to the UWP. As a matter of fact, politically, the Kalinago supports the DLP not only in the Salybia constituency but nationwide.

In my upbringing in Dominica some decades ago, the Caribs as we then knew, the Kalinago people were well integrated into society. The Caribs were loved by all and they mixed well with the rest of the population. Today we can see the warrior face all over the island, a phenomenon absent in the other islands barring St Vincent and the Grenadines.

This young warrior woman was admired by many for having the courage to offer herself to her community for parliamentary duty. To prove fealty to her party’s leadership it seems that she had to conjure up this falsehood charging the prime minister with attempting to bribe her in a sum ‘she was agreeable to’ to not contest in the Salybia constituency.

The thought alone always attracted my curiosity because the labour party was always well on the way to retaining this seat.

Implicating the prime minister in her cochony was serious enough to call for proof [that she said she had] in two recordings. The first publication was an unsupported accusation all so easy to make in which she implicated herself as being agreeable to receiving a bribe. When the second recording was not forthcoming it was increasingly clear that this overly ambitious young woman was in concoction mode and lacking in any credibility. She paid the political price of rejection for the second time. She had already been rejected in her earlier quest to become the titular chief of the tribe.

Rather than keep her little tail quiet and accept defeat with a still tongue she has once more emerged with her supposed legion on Facebook with her cochony cocktail.

She better be careful that the prime minister does not sue her for libel. Is she posturing herself for Monelle’s ‘for life’ senatorial seat? Time will tell but this character assassination mode of UWP supporters will soon tie them up in civil litigation for defamation and ensure that their leader has company in the bankruptcy court.

Herbert Volney



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