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St Lucia’s minister for crime prevention missing in action, homicide 28

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The minister for crime prevention and persons with disability Jeremiah Norbert, member of parliament (MP) for Micoud North, has ostensibly not shown up for duty subject to the non-abatement of crime in Saint Lucia.

It is even more concerning that reportedly a vehicle parked along the outer limits of the George Charles Airport in Vigie Castries for “days” with “apparent gunshot wounds to the body.” Homicides as of Tuesday morning records 28. (Six homicides in seven days).

The homicide at Vigie, Castries, along the outer limits of the George Charles Airport, fence, is of major concern to airport security, safety and national security.

Is it conceivable that a homicide occurred in the manifest outer perimeter of the airport, and the surroundings went unnoticed for hours, much less days? What else could have been in the vehicle posing a public threat?

Grey Nissan Wingroad parked along George Charles Airport – Credit Loop St Lucia

According to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF):

“On Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at about 6:20 a.m. police officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department, Castries responded to a homicide at Vigie, Castries.

“An unresponsive male was discovered in a stationary motor vehicle, with apparent gunshot wounds to his body. A medical practitioner pronounced him dead on the scene. The identification of the deceased is yet to be confirmed. Once this has been ascertained, an update will be provided.”

The RSLPF Facebook note made no mention and/or reference to the George F.L Charles Airport and gave no assurance on safety and security.

In consideration, the RSLPF says ‘anyone with information regarding this incident can provide information to the Criminal Investigations Department at 456-3770, 456-3817 or anonymously by dialing 555 (the Crime Hotline) or by utilizing the RSLPF Crime Hotline Application, which is available in Google Play Store.’

“The crime problem in Saint Lucia is facilitated by corrupt politicians/government officials, business persons and police officers.”

Minister Norbert, a former junior police officer, in his new title role, is expected to work with all responsible partners to develop a comprehensive national plan to address the root cause of criminal activity, particularly murders, gun-related crimes, gang warfare and rivalry. The intention is to work with and use all existing plans, strategies, documents and organizations that aim at making our country a more peaceful place.

Minister for National Security, Philip J. Pierre has explained that “the police have all the powers within the law to bring an end to the situation. All the powers within the law and the observance of human rights of individuals,” adding. “We have given the police more resources than the last government gave for the last five years in power.”

Saint Lucia serves as a transit hub for South American traffickers’ illegal trade to the US and Europe – manipulating the St Vincent, Martinique and Saint Lucia triangle. The George Charles Airport is an eyeshot of Martinique on a good day or 69.1 KM.

Saint Lucia has a notable crime problem which persists. The government needs a working arrangement to crack down on lawlessness and violent crime:

      • A new police service;
      • A national security council;
      • Policing best practices, expertise and management;
      • Collaboration on intelligence, surveillance, cyber security, and data protection to make Saint Lucia secure;
      • Marine security: Shared commitment for close cooperation to make borders safer;
      • Shoring up airports and seaports;
      • Operational and policy response to organized crime;
      • Deployment of drones and security apparatus
      • Operational and technical cooperation, with the US, France, UK and Canada.

St Lucia’s commissioner of police should be fired. The commissioner continues to uphold, nothing but failure to the challenges faced by the St Lucia Police Force: A colonial dinosaur of political repositories.

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