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JDRF Canada – Sanofi Canada to raise awareness about autoimmune type 1 diabetes

TORONTO, Canada – Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDRF) and Sanofi Canada are announcing a partnership aimed at amplifying awareness around type 1 diabetes (T1D), a chronic autoimmune condition, and the role screening could play in the early detection of this disease.

Nationally, the number of individuals diagnosed with T1D is growing at an estimated 4.4 percent per year.  This places Canada among the countries in the world with the highest rate of new T1D cases each year.  While many believe T1D is only diagnosed in childhood and adolescence, diagnosis in adulthood is common and accounts for over 50 percent of all T1D cases. Traditionally, a diagnosis of T1D follows the onset of clinical symptoms, such as excessive thirst, frequent urination, and weight loss, however, the underlying autoimmune damage on pancreatic beta cells begins long before these signs become apparent.

The evolution of T1D unfolds through three discernible stages, with the initial ‘silent’ phase characterized by the presence of autoantibodies and no overt symptoms. Creating awareness of the stages leading to the onset of clinical disease could mitigate the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a life-threatening condition that often accompanies the diagnosis of T1D.  Early detection could help keep people out of the hospital and reduce the significant financial burden on the healthcare system.

Jessica Diniz, president and CEO, JDRF Canada, said: “Through this partnership, JDRF Canada and Sanofi Canada will work to increase awareness of T1D and the potential of screening to benefit individuals and families at risk of the disease in the future. T1D screening is a key pillar of JDRF’s strategy internationally, as it has the power to detect who is at risk and, in turn, will enable the delivery of education and support to improve outcomes. This new partnership will focus on disseminating resources and support for Canadians at risk of developing T1D and their healthcare providers, to foster a culture of active health management.”

Ahmed Moussa, general manager, General Medicines, Sanofi Canada, said: “At Sanofi, we believe diabetes education is a critical tool for individuals living with the condition and for the healthcare professionals who care for them.  At the core of our partnership with JDRF lies a shared commitment to shed light on the journey towards the onset of T1D.  By illuminating the stages preceding clinical symptoms, we aim to equip individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their health. Early detection can empower individuals to face an eventual diagnosis with the education and support to preemptively manage their condition.”



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