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St Lucia to welcome new cabinet minister

By Caribbean News Global contributor

MICOUD, St Lucia – On account of the government of Saint Lucia press release, Monday, February 19, 2024, advising that the minister for home affairs, Dr Virginia Albert-Poyotte, experienced a medical emergency, and that “Jeremiah Norbert, (MP for Micoud North) will adopt her ministerial responsibilities until further notice,” came further clarification from the deputy speaker of the House of Assembly [Jeremiah Norbert] presiding in parliament February 20, 2024, advised that “I have not been sworn-in as a minister. I do not hold any ministerial portfolio. I am still the deputy speaker of this house and I operate as the deputy speaker of this house.”

  1. Allocation of portfolios to ministers: The Governor-General, acting in accordance with the advice of the prime minister, may, by directions in writing, assign to the prime minister or any other minister responsibility for any business of the government, including the administration of any department of government:
  2. Performance of functions of ministers during absence or illness: (1)[…] (2) Whenever a minister other than the prime minister is absent from Saint Lucia or is within Saint Lucia but by leave of the Governor General is not performing the functions of his or her office or by reason of illness is unable to perform those functions, the Governor General may authorize some other minister to perform those functions or may appoint a senator or a member of the house to be a temporary minister in order to perform those functions; and that minister may perform those functions until his or her authority or, as the case may be, his or her appointment is revoked by the Governor General or he or she vacates office as a minister under section 60(8) or 60(9).
  3. Oaths to be taken by ministers, etc: A minister or a parliamentary secretary shall not enter upon the duties of his or her office unless he or she has taken and subscribed the oath of allegiance, the oath of office and the oath of secrecy. ~ Laws of St Lucia.

Misperceptions abound at the commencement in parliament, Tuesday, February 20, 2024, led government critics and observers to a literature class (reading, writing, discussing, thinking critically about texts and ideas) attempting to interpretadopt” – “oversee responsibility”, and “oversight.”

The dualism of the circumstance led to further reading that the Acting Governor-General, on the advice of the prime minister and published in the Gazette has not actualized.

“ So what’s the purpose of a government press release to announce, “Jeremiah Norbert will adopt her ministerial responsibilities until further notice.” Did someone make a “boo-boo”, in the practice of local dialect, “an error” or did someone “jump the gun” – creating more problems, in an atmosphere of ministerial insuring and cynical politics?

The legal factum is such that the Ministry for Home Affairs has not changed hands, leadership or been re-assigned, at this time of publication – February 20, 2024. However, this is subject to change “with a swearing-in ceremony to be held shortly, whispered in parliament Tuesday.”

The hypothesis already laid out is the indispensable reality for accurate and relevant information, indispensable to the nation. Communicating effectively, and not expending clear resources on the underlying public concerns or sentiments, that policy and communication need to address.

Second, the outlay is the sufficiency to dissuade a course of action critical to national security needs and interests. The credibility gap does not come from not talking about the deficiency. On the contrary, it shares the light to do everything to shape sufficient resources into core national institutions and issues.

Domestic and external core existential issues directed at the fabric of Saint Lucian society and people anxious about their safety are not comfortable with imploding credibility, political nuance and gamesmanship. Some are faced with the “emperor has no clothes” antics in the parliament and senate.

The obvious is a ‘logical conclusion’ – (favoured by a local politician) – which may conclude that we are now reaping inconceivable benchmarks to address the needs and circumstances presented.

The vulnerability and exposure that lie ahead are just that – no longer effective in deterring political fodder, but expansively ensuring undertakings, to transform standards and guardrails.



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