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Is Generative AI the answer to low productivity?

GENEVA, Switzerland, (ILO) – We often think that new technology will have the greatest impact on lower-skilled, or ‘blue-collar’ jobs, like those in agriculture or factories. But new research has found that Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT can significantly improve productivity for higher-skilled tasks.

In an experiment detailed in a new academic paper titled Experimental Evidence on the Productivity Effects of Generative Artificial Intelligence, college-educated professionals are asked to undertake writing projects, with and without AI assistance.

The experiment found that working with ChatGPT made higher-skilled workers quicker, and lower-skilled workers both quicker and better at their jobs.

So, could the improvement in the quality and calibre of low-skilled workers allow them to potentially compete with highly skilled and more expensive workers, and what does the experiment tell us about the overall effects of AI on job quality and the future of job creation and growth? Listen here.



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