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Year we go again folks

By Tony Deyal

It is believed that a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. I see it as a double whammy – what you should expect this year, 2024, and also what will happen to the world we live in. In other words, a New Year has tiptoed in and we must try to meet it halfway.

So, let’s start with Susan Miller, the famous astrologer, and Aries people. You are in a glorious financial reward state which started last year in May and ends on May 25 this year. You will be able to travel a lot more with many luxurious and beautiful experiences. If you Taurus people are upset that Aries is getting everything and not you, don’t worry. Taurus can get anything you want. Your one true love is ready and right there for you but, better yet, when Jupiter hits Gemini that is when you will start making money for the next six months.

Gemini, Don’t give up. You will wear the crown from May 25, 2024, to early June 2025. According to Susan Miller, your changes are internal and the new desires, ideas, and wishes regarding achievements, even writing a new book, are all yours. While cancer is not something any of us wants, you who are born between June 21 and July 22 have a different kind of Cancer. You have to extend your friendships, join a club, go to conventions, talk to people and, most of all, be open. Do it until May 24 and after that, you will have a special new year starting in mid-2025.

Since I am a Leo, I should expect the best career year ever by making all the news and, regardless of my damaged left knee, I will be climbing to new heights. Don’t tell my wife but love comes to me after May 25. Who would believe that at my age; this is the year when I will stand and elevate myself.

Next is Virgo. You have the best long-distance travel opportunities. Susan wants you to spin your compasses and look out for very good luck. But you must travel before May 25 because after that you will get what I already have, the most fabulous career aspect ever. However, because of Saturn, your closest relationship is going to be tested.

Libra, Susan considers you “an interesting case.” You are a money magnet right now, especially in January. You could be getting a commission of royalties, an inheritance or even win a sweepstake!!! Scorpio, you’re next! You have the best marriage aspects. You could get engaged for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You’re going to make a lot of money in the second half of the year. If that happens, remember that I found out and told you, right?

Sagittarius, I understand from Susan that you don’t like to be married. In fact, you’re terrified of it. However, she says that you will have the best commitment aspects starting May 25 (just about five months away) and going on for a year. Capricorn has the best love aspects- true romantic love. Susan says it’s magical for you but, unfortunately, it will end on May 25.

To wrap it up, Susan says that Aquarius has the real estate aspects right now. You can buy a house or fix it to increase the value. You can buy, sell, renovate, refresh and redecorate. You can then invite love but only after May 25 and, if you’re in that, check out Taurus, Gemini and Capricorn. Don’t come near Leo because my wife will not appreciate your presence. That brings us to Pisces, and I found out from Susan that if you want to buy a house you have to wait until the second half of the year- early June, July or August.

Let’s take a quick look at general global predictions before going quickly back to the personal. Nostradamus, the mystical who was never mistaken, said there will be war on the water with the Chinese navy (most likely against Taiwan), a climate disaster, and royal unrest supposedly “the King of the Isles will be driven out by force.” He will be replaced by King Harry and not William. The present Pope will be replaced by a new one who will be there for a much longer time.

Even more aware of the future was Baba Vanga, the “Nostradamus of the Balkans” who had some terrifying ones for us this year. Vladimir Putin will be assassinated by a “fellow countryman”. Now while getting Putin out seems to be a great idea, putting in someone else will plunge the world into greater uncertainty. Baba also warned about terror attacks across Europe by a “big country” which will carry out biological weapons. The mystic also foretold a huge economic crisis that could plunge the global economy into chaos. Cyber hackers will hit the power grids and water treatment plants, and a worsening climate with several terrifying weather events will wreak havoc for the whole of this year. The only good news will be medical and technological breakthroughs to treat cancer and Alzheimers, as well as a major breakthrough in quantum computing.

But enough of the bad news. I will leave the other bad news bandits for now and jump to astrologer, Afiza Kelly. She tells Aries, “We know you love to win but what does that mean on New Year’s Eve?… But before you invest all your time and energy planning the ‘perfect’ evening, maybe you should allocate a little bit of room for…spontaneity?” She has good news for Taurus, “Love is in the air…and you’re definitely feeling it!” (I hope it’s not Baron, the Calypsonian, and the thing in his pocket).”

Gemini is told, “There are so! Many! Things! You want to do so on New Year’s Eve…it may be best to stay close to home.” Maybe next year? Afiza then takes on Cancer and recommends that you spend the next New Year’s evening at home relaxing and charging up for an entire year ahead. Well in addition to a really good curl, that is one way of getting ahead in life. She tells Virgo, “Remember that others’ experiences are not your responsibility. Just focus on yourself, and the rest will come together! Promise!” Afiza calls Libra ‘the diplomat of the zodiac’ and says, “Be sure to stand up for yourself and advocate for your desires. Libra it’s time to let others bend to your wishes for a change. Hey, it’s only fair!” She laughs and tells Scorpio, “There’s nothing you love more than a good scandal! It’s part of what makes you so … Scropionic.”

Sagittarius finds out that “There’s no one more equipped to roll with the punches than you, Sagittarius.” Afiza sees Capricorn as a “big picture person.” Aquarius is “…a little psychic” and Pisces “your hopes, dreams and aspirations can be realized under this enchanted sky.”

And me, Leo, “You’re an excellent listener, especially when you can relate to someone else’s story.” However, I took her advice, “Focus on ways you can pass the microphone to others and give them center stage.” Folks, this is for you. Have a great year and if you’re feeling down and need a laugh or two, read my column.

*Tony Deyal was last seen saying if he is still around next year, the only thing he will be kissing at midnight is 2024 goodbye.



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