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Electing ‘thieves’ but expecting them to behave like ‘angels’

By Denys Springer

Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba reasoned that “we cannot continue to elect thieves but expect them to behave like angels.” He was referring to African politicians, but that certainly applies to Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians cannot breathe, yet those in power continue to remind us of the things they have done including, betraying the public trust, assignments for personal gains and campaign projects in the name of national development.

The rule of thumb is if we cannot get our politics right then our education, healthcare and economy will not be right. The politics and economic theory of our so-called leaders have an impact on our lives; our standing globally and the ability to seek assistance elsewhere. In fact, our social and economic standing is at the lowest ebb.

The current behaviour of the government of Saint Lucia summons the actuality that we are still under the colonial rule of a neo-colonialism prime minister and according to a recent flight manifest records a nationality of “NONE”. Real or unreal, the government has not been able to clarify with any degree of specificity, except to reply – yet another fake document. This same prime minister previously extolled that he is a product of Canada.

Such distortions certainly conform to disunity heading into the general election. It is clear that the imperialists are not resting, in the degeneration of Saint Lucia, totally intoxicated by exploitation.

We must never forget that independence did not just mean a new flag and a new national anthem in 1979. Our politics of independence must be one of total liberation. Likewise, we cannot continue with the unapologetic surrogates of colonizers.

Politicians of the low ebb, continue to ply the ethos of angels at campaigning knowing they are the complete opposite. Regrettable, voters of little option drink the cool-aid and feed on the table of colonists and their agents.

The use and abuse of state assets to nepotism is dishonest and pernicious. We need therefore, to energize ourselves so that our conscience can be free. It should be a crusade. We must be responsible and knowledgeable about where we want to go. We must be patriotic and denounce corruption. In so doing, the next generation will be the benefactors.

John Gray’s book, Hayek on Liberty argues: “If individuals are to be free to use their own knowledge and resources to best advantage, they must do so in a context of known and predictable rules governed by law. It is in a framework of liberty under the rule of law. Hayek contends that Justice and general welfare are both served. Indeed under the rule of law, justice and the general welfare are convergent and not conflicting goals or values”.

This coincides with Adam Swift in his book Political Philosophy: “Equality before the law could just mean that the law applies to all people without exceptions; that there isn’t one law for the rich and one law for the poor, or different laws depending on a person’s status”.

There has been a mismanagement of Saint Lucia due to a conglomeration of inefficiency and blatant arrogance which has never been seen before in the political history of Saint Lucia since our independence in 1979.

We are now called to chart a new course for the future survival and development of Saint Lucia, beyond, electing thieves but expecting them to behave like angels.




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