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Discover your cannabis taste buds

TORONTO, Canada –  The interactive website, by 7ACRES, a division of The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc., was designed and launched, to help consumers across the country find the perfect strain.

Whether consumers have enjoyed cannabis for years or just recently started their cannabis journey, 7ACRES is encouraging everyone to focus on what tastes delicious.

“We are very excited to launch this interactive tool and help consumers distinguish their cannabis taste preferences. Taste plays a big part in a user’s cannabis experience and, along with look and smell, can be a good differentiator of quality cannabis,” said Nicole Sale, VP, marketing and communications.

“During this difficult time of social distancing, consumers may not be able to engage budtenders as easily as they used to. can act as another source of information for those shopping from home.”

Cannabis shares common flavours with many items people eat or drink every day, such as citrus and spice. By answering a few questions about your individual taste preferences at, consumers will receive a personalized recommendation of a 7ACRES cultivar specifically selected for them.

Since legalization, many consumers have come to believe that THC is the primary trait to distinguish high quality from low quality cannabis strains. While THC can be important, so is the look, smell and taste of the flower. Strong, pungent sensory characteristics are key indicators of high-end cannabis and should also be considered when purchasing.

7ACRES grows cannabis cultivars that respect the plant, offering unique aromatic notes and complex flavours to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Cannabis is complex but finding a strain that excites consumers taste buds shouldn’t be.

7ACRES takes pride in growing high-end Cannabis that respects each cultivar’s genetic lineage and history in Kincardine, Ontario. They are committed to providing enthusiasts with hand-crafted cannabis flower and pre-rolls that delivers an uncompromised experience.

7ACRES products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product; from seed, to package. Every effort is made to ensure that each harvest is greater than the last and celebrated with better aroma and flavour.



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