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Good-will always triumph over evil

By Denys Springer

At this juncture of our lives remembering 75 years since World War II, one that was full of racism and bigotry, but in the end, good triumphed over evil. People were gassed in their thousands because they belong to a particular race. The world witness those who supported this monstrosity in Italy’s Mussolini, and Japan who wanted to be the rulers of the Asian continent. However, it was not to be, as the world stood firm and repel an evil that nearly overwhelmed us.

Observing the years since World War II we are now faced with the coronavirus that has shut down major countries of the world to replicas of ghost towns. Never have the world had to endure such a devastating episode. Thus, who is to blame for what is now called: COVID-19 pandemic?

Liu Dengfeng, an official with the National Health Commission’s science and education department, told the South China Morning Post the samples were destroyed at unauthorized labs to “prevent the risk to laboratory biological safety and prevent secondary disasters caused by unidentified pathogens.”

Much of the blame leads to China’s doorstep, wittingly or unwittingly, and the trust placed in Chinas’ assurances to the World Health Organization (WHO). Looking back at the United Nations (UN) which came into being after World War II – to convey peace and assist institutions with medical help, etc., the WHO, and others like the ICAO as more aircraft roam our skies, UNFRCCC, Interpol and others. However, over the years the UN seems infiltrated and virtually run at the whims and fancy of China in their quest for world dominance.

What is amazing is that the WHO largely funded by the US has become very China-centric. The WHO should revisit its goal of “Health for All” at a time when open attempts are ongoing by China and its affiliates to disregard Taiwan’s membership at the WHO and World Health Assembly (WHA).

Last Friday Taiwan’s health minister rejected China’s main condition to take part in the World Health Organization (WHO) – acceptance that it is part of China. What a laugh and total buffoonery when one thinks of it.

Many believe that China put-up a hefty contribution to have the current WHO director installed in 2017 and therefore is almost the voice of China in trying to suppress Taiwan on the world stage. Many observed WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus apparent influence of China during this pandemic.

In my view, the director-general Ghebreyesus has failed to accede to investigate why the communist government silenced Chinese doctors who warn authorities, world institutions, and other health professionals during the early stages of the outbreak. Dr Li Wenliang attempted to caution his colleagues about the coronavirus. He was detained by Chinese authorities and later died fighting the virus as reported by the Chinese press.

More worrying are reports that journalist critically of Beijing’s response to the pandemic have disappeared and /or in isolation in China’s vast networks of prisons and camps.

China, in their urge, to dominate demonstrate their thrust to take over Taiwan a democratic and legitimate country. What amazes me is that countries who should know are abetting a lie and blatant dishonesty. That is why I decided to seek the truth for myself.

I spent nearly two years in Taiwan as a Research Fellow at the Institute of International Relations, National Changhi University, and at Academia Sinica premier Research institution. My research shows quite categorically that Taiwan does not belong to China. It belongs to the endemic peoples of that country the Austronesian people of which there were 21 tribes and to date 17 have been recognized. Some lands in Taiwan belong to them, more so those who were called the head-hunters. It was Japan in 1933 that brought Taiwan under one colonial master. I find it strange with the academics that countries have at their disposal could not research this for themselves. That there is no one China per se. Taiwan is Taiwan and China is China.

The coronovirus pandemic has brought Taiwan to the forefront on the world stage, especially in the medical field, and many more countries now look-up to their medical expertise and goodwill worldwide. Recently, a local Taiwanese biomedical company has developed a test kit for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that can provide results in a mere ten-minutes.

Taiwan is not a China problem as they keep saying but a world problem, and leaders must now say to China – Taiwan is an independent country.

The saddest debacle I have had to witness in my lifetime is the refusal of WHO representatives to answer questions on Taiwan; an indication that China has cornered the marketplace lock, stock, and barrel. They are simply afraid to recognise Taiwan, however, the evidence is visible worldwide.

It was simply a farce to play dumb and partake in willful blindness, a game that perhaps is a reflection of the world today – in disarray through greed, arrogance, and influence of the narrow few. What will never be forgotten as people are dying all over the world unnecessarily, is the offer that was made by Taiwan to help and was simply ignored?

Taiwan’s highly sophisticated medical system could have saved lives in many areas of the world, as exhibited on the home front. Nevertheless, many countries are prepared to litigate China including families who have lost loved ones. The world is also beginning to retaliate, moving their businesses away from China.

It may be too late, but at least a new dawn is approaching in that many lessons were learned from this pandemic. Taiwan has shown the world that a well-prepared nation can overcome the adversity of life if plans are put in place.

Taiwan did not suffer a shutdown of its economy and remarkable has the lowest death rate because of its resilience and the determination of 23 million people to chart their destiny.

Ilha Formosa – The beautiful country. My adopted home.



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