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Consequences just ahead


Dear Sir

The Free World has reacted to the invasion of Ukraine in a pre-planned way, with enthusiasm and offended moral judgement.

President Biden’s security system has been gathering intelligence, working with the Ukrainian Forces and strategizing what president Putin could and would do. Canada and the EU have been coming up with all sorts of ways to put pressure upon Russia, its leadership and president Putin.

Take away Russia’s ability to maintain and grow its economy, strangle the Oligarch’s wealth, and place roadblocks before Russian expenditures particularly those of its military. With every action comes powerful consequences.

An offer to Ukraine of membership into the EU, while seemingly a ploy to present Russia with a united European Force prepared to defend its new member. A ploy, not a reality. At least that is what I hope it is, as these nations were able to do this long ago.

Membership into the EU or NATO Organization at this juncture will be highly unadvised. Russia has faced severe opposition from Ukraine Forces so far. Russian forces have held back, however, hoping to impress upon their neighbours that opposition is futile.

Like a bully in a schoolyard, the Russians realize they have gone too far to turn back. Putin has everything to lose, and yet much to gain if can win this fight.

What will the bully do if his opponent becomes a member of a much bigger force? If he retreats, he may be able to maintain control of Russia, but then both he and his nation will be international pariahs. Putin has to win this war.

Authoritarian regimes continue to exist through the use of terror, fear but also personal respect for their leader. The leader can be horrible, but if he wins and brings honour, prestige and power to the nation his nature will be ignored. Like Bonaparte of old, Putin is seen as a strong man, a leader and most importantly a winner.

The worst thing some overly ambitious official can do is proclaim that Putin should be tried for war crimes in The Hague. When a bully has no wear to go, he does not give up but doubles down on his goals and quest. All the EU, Canadian, American leaders need to keep their mouths shut, and let their actions speak loudly.

A trial for a war criminal can be brought up once the Russian People expel Putin, and not a day sooner. If the world wants a World War, go on and continue to poke the Russian Bear.

Remember that Putin is much like Hitler, as all dictators are. You can persuade, negotiate and manipulate a dictator keeping your eyes wide open. Make Putin realize he can lose more than the world can in this conflict. Show him a way out that allows Russians and Putin to maintain their honour, pride and some form of benefit.

Perhaps give Russia those territories that have a majority of Russians within them. Can not Ukraine become a powerful neutral nation resting between the forces of Russia and NATO?

Finland is neutral, as is Switzerland, and they have a military force not easily defeated. Ukraine can defend itself, trade with all in Europe in a peaceful manner. No threat to Russia.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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