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ADVISORY: Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion PAC to Run TV Ad Slamming DE Governor Carney Immediately Following First Presidential Debate

The PAC is also Announcing Plans to Spend an Additional $1 Million Ahead of the Election to hold Governor Carney accountable and break down ‘the Delaware Way’ While Also Supporting a Bi-Partisan State Senate

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the Delaware-based Political Action Committee, Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion (CTI), announced it would be airing a television ad immediately following tonight’s Presidential debate on NBC in the Delaware County market area, which includes Wilmington and Dover.

The TV ad is the beginning of new campaign to expose Governor Carney’s myriad failures on issues including police reform, judicial accountability, and his administration’s disastrous response to COVID-19, which has put communities of color and prisoners in the State’s Correctional facilities at significant risk. CTI aims to demonstrate how Governor Carney’s failure to root out the corrupt “Delaware Way” of government for the well-connected few has led to increased poverty, runaway economic inequality, and failing schools.

Similar to the PAC’s campaign ahead of the Democratic Primary election, the new campaign will spend upwards of $1 million ahead of the General Election in November, beginning with this TV ad immediately after tonight’s Presidential debate, and followed up by a robust TV ad schedule, direct-mail buys, digital ads and a grassroots effort.

Said Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware Campaign Manager Chris Coffey:

“From Governor John Carney’s very first day in office, he has made one thing perfectly clear: the only thing he cares about is defending the status quo and the ‘Delaware Way’ that only works for the few, the rich, and the white, while those in need are left behind. Which is also why we plan on supporting both sides of the aisle in the coming weeks, because there is corruption is not limited to one party or another – it is a systemic issue that has plagued Delaware for decades.

“Those in power here in Delaware have done a remarkable job of covering their tracks to make it look like they’re doing everything they can for the people of this state, but we are confident that this campaign will cause Delawareans to start asking tough questions about our state’s leadership.

“Why have 9 Delawareans been shot and killed by police officers with impunity during Governor Carney’s time in office? Why do people of color make up over 60% of Delaware’s prison population, but only 15% of judges on the state’s top courts? Why did Governor Carney return the Chancery Court to its all white status again? Can anyone explain how his administration continues to allow millions of dollars in contracts and no-bid legal fees to be given to scandal-ridden firms like Skadden Arps by Delaware’s government and courts?

“Lastly, while over 600 Delaware citizens have died of Covid-19, disproportionately poor and people of color, with over 14,000 having gotten sick, why hasn’t Governor Carney put together a meaningful plan to address Covid-19 in this state?

“Governor Carney must be held accountable to his voters. The ‘Delaware Way’ of rich, white men running the State government and judiciary into the ground must end. He cannot simply expect to receive the votes of Black Delawareans because he is a Democrat. He must earn the votes of communities of color and low-income residents through purposeful policy and supportive actions, not shallow words.”

The 60-second ad reads:

“The Delaware way works for some but not for others. Every day in Delaware, a small group of powerful lawyers, politicians and corporate executives enrich themselves while normal Delawareans fall further and further behind. The Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on our most vulnerable communities, and our police fail to live up to their motto to ‘protect and serve’ us.

“We have a choice to make: should we support a governor who has failed to protect us? Are we going to stick with the same old, corrupt Delaware way that lets Delaware’s elites take advantage of us for their own gain? Or, are we going to shine a light on the corruption and greed, and choose a new way forward for Delaware?

“It’s time to hold our leaders accountable.”

Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion is a Political Action Committee that promotes transparency, accountability, diversity, and inclusion in Delaware’s state government and court system. Learn more at CitizensPac.DE.


Chris Coffey, [email protected]


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