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World Government Summit hosts 15 global forums to explore major future transformations

DUBAI, (WAM) – The upcoming edition of the World Governments Summit (WGS), to be held in Dubai from 12 to 14 February 2024, is poised to be a significant event with a rich agenda under the theme “Shaping Future Governments.”

The WGS will focus on shaping a better future for humanity and will highlight six main themes and 15 global forums exploring major global future trends and transformations through over 110 key dialogue and interactive sessions. More than 200 global figures, including presidents, prime ministers, experts, thinkers, and future makers, will participate.

The WGS’s 11th edition will host over 23 ministerial meetings and roundtables with more than 300 ministers. Additionally, it will witness the attendance of over 85 international, regional and intergovernmental organisations, along with 120 government delegations.

Notable attendees include business leaders like Sam Altman, chief executive officer of OpenAI; Guillaume Faury, chief executive officer of Airbus; Jensen Huang, co-founder of Schmidt Futures and former CEO and chairman of Google; Dr Dario Gil, senior vice president and director of research of IBM; Dr Yann LeCun, vice president and chief AI Scientist at META, among others.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Mohamed Yousef AlSharhan, managing director of the World Government Summit Organisation, highlighted the significance of the new edition, underscoring the importance of hosting global leaders from the private sector to exchange solutions in various sectors such as artificial intelligence, economic and financial management, energy, climate change, education, and health.

The summit will host 15 global forums focusing on developing future strategies and plans in vital sectors concerning humanity. These forums, organised in partnership with international organisations, global technological institutions, and leading companies, aim to innovate new solutions for the challenges facing human societies.

These forums include the Global Health Forum, Government Services Forum, Arab Government Administration Forum, Knowledge Exchange Forum, Future of Transportation Forum, Public Finance Forum for Arab Countries, Future of Education Forum, Space Future Forum, and Advanced Industry and Technology Forum.

The WGS 2024 continues its diverse dialogues through forums such as the Artificial Intelligence Forum, the Future of Work Forum, the Emerging Economies Forum, the Governance of Geotechnology Forum, the Sustainable Development Goals Forum, in addition to the Arab Meeting for Young Leaders and the ‘Time 100’ event.

The summit will also host purposeful global discussions aiming to envision the shaping of future governments. It will bring together world leaders, global government officials, international organisations, thought leaders, and private sector leaders to ensure the enhancement of international cooperation, identify innovative solutions for future challenges, anticipate key opportunities, and inspire the next generation of governments.

The summit will also host high-level ministerial meetings, including discussions on sustainable development, the next generation of future governments, Arab finance, labour ministers from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the future of hydrogen energy.



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