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Venezuelan Councillor Jimmy Gudino’s message of humanity

By Peter Lansiquot

A very touching New Years message from Councillor Jimmy Gudiño of the Caracas Libertador Municipality and member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). The picture that accompanies the message somehow conveys to Venezuela and the rest of the world a profound testimony of the sort of humility that the heroic people of Venezuela have shown in their relations with the rest of the international community and even with the forces of imperialism during this trying first year of COVID-19.

Yes, throughout this blistering 2020, as the forces of western imperialism have brutally attacked and undermined the legitimately elected government of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, placing all manner of financial and political sanctions and impediments in Venezuela’s path; Comrade Jimmy Gudiño, like most Venezuelan revolutionaries, has still been able to end 2020 with these warm and cordial words in his heart, showing no bitterness and no animosity, in spite of the viciousness of western imperialism’s shenanigans towards the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

This is what I found inspiring, with the icing on the cake being provided by that breathtaking photo, depicting a humility and modesty that can only be associated with genuine fighters for the true political, social and economic liberation of Venezuela.

The following is Jimmy Gudiño‘s New Year’s Message

“This 2020 will be unforgettable for humanity, the COVID-19 became an unwanted situation for the Nations of the World. In Venezuela, thanks to the actions we have taken and the discipline of our people, we have been overcoming the problem without as much trauma as in other latitudes, preparing for a New World Order.

Some of us have had to work harder, in my case not only in the role of Councilor but the political, social, community and Academic Training role. I don’t know how we did it but we did it in the face of this new situation.

We are only two hours away from receiving 2021. This year may be the same, better or worse, What I do know is that our people are prepared for any circumstance, and that is evidenced by the sheer will to survive in the face of the worst economic situation that we have lived in the XXI century.

It is our duty to embrace with strength, even those who adversely affect you, especially the most needy, the most humble, the excluded in humanity; of course during this new year, taking care of biosecurity measures, this 2021 will bring us new good and bad circumstances that we will surely manage with dignity.

For this 2021, I wish for my comrades, those who oppose me, those who love me and do not love me, my relatives, my parents Ángel and Austria, my brothers Jean, Astrid, Carlos, Frizgeralth and uncles, for my beloved woman Yahidy with her family, for my son Angel, whom I have raised and those whom I am raising, my students, my teachers, my classmates, my friends of the life that we share or that we have shared in other circumstances, those that I have failed or that have failed me, those who sympathize with me and I with them, my comrades from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela-PSUV (UBCH, Communities, Streets, CLAP, CC and Communes, the Missions, Committees and all the forces of the System of Forces), the Municipal Council, the new deputies, our Movement of Friendship and Mutual Solidarity Venezuela-Cuba, and at the International Solidarity level, to all;

“I wish to embrace you with an infinite hug. Happy New Year 2021.”

Translated by Peter Lansiquot from the original Spanish text.



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