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UK will not waiver in support of Ukraine

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LONDON, England – Ambassador Neil Holland thanked the president of the OSCE parliamentary assembly for the assembly’s important election observation role and enduring support for Ukraine, per the UK statement to the OSCE, February 2024:

“We welcome the OSCE parliamentary assembly’s continued focus on Ukraine, as we approach two years since Russia launched its illegal, invasion, we will not waiver in our support for Ukraine.

We are working in lockstep with the chair and others to ensure the war remains high on the OSCE’s agenda. We will continue to deploy the OSCE’s toolkit extensively to counter Russia’s disinformation and shine a spotlight on its illegal actions.

We see the OSCE parliamentary assembly’s role as critical in these efforts, both in terms of the PA’s parliamentary support team for Ukraine, but also through parliamentarians’ engagement in Capitals. We all have a responsibility to ensure our governments recognise the enduring value of the OSCE as a forum for dialogue and conflict resolution, as well as the need to support Ukraine. In this regard, we welcome the engagement you’ve done personally, including through your visits to the participating States.

Beyond the conflict, the OSCE parliamentary assembly faces an unprecedented year. 2024 will prove a record-breaking year for elections globally. Over four billion voters across the world will head to the polls, marking a colossal exercise in democratic participation. The manner in which these elections are conducted and their outcome will have significant implications for global politics and stability, and trust in democratic institutions and processes.

Many of these elections will be held in our region and we welcome the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s observation role. It is an integral part of democratic scrutiny, supporting electoral integrity and documenting whether elections are credible and inclusive. Just yesterday, OSCE PA members were in Azerbaijan observing its presidential elections.

I thank vice-president De Ridder and vice-chair Gerasymov for leading the delegations and look forward to their findings.

“We note the parliamentary assembly’s continued concerns about the institutional health of the organisation. We share these concerns. We welcome the consensus on support for Malta as this year’s chair. We will continue to press for a more sustainable financial settlement for the organisation and work to appoint strong candidates to its four top leadership positions. Beyond this, we recognise the need for longer-term solutions and political commitment to ensuring the OSCE’s effective functioning and relevance. In this regard, we welcome the OSCE parliamentary assembly and its members’ continued efforts in highlighting Russia’s and Belarus’ obstruction and undermining tactics.”

To conclude, said ambassador Holland: “The UK thanks you and the Assembly for the work you are doing. We offer our full support and look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration in 2024.”



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