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UK calls for democratic resolution to political crisis in Venezuela

By Caribbean News Global fav

LONDON England –  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) stated that the new steps by the Nicolás Maduro regime “further subverts the democratic process in Venezuela,” in a statement issued Wednesday, June 17.

FCO spokesperson said: “The United Kingdom is deeply concerned at the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s decision to announce the appointment of members to the National Electoral Council (CNE) on June 12, without the approval of the National Assembly, in clear contravention of Venezuela’s Constitution.

“Presidential elections in 2018 were not free, fair or credible. Since January 2019 the United Kingdom has been clear and consistent in its recognition of Juan Guaidó as the interim constitutional president of Venezuela.

“It is vital that the people of Venezuela should be given the opportunity to vote soon in presidential elections that are free, fair and effectively overseen. The UK considers this an essential step to ending the political and other crises that Venezuela is suffering and to restoring democracy.”

The FCO called for peaceful and democratic resolution of the political crisis in the country and early presidential elections.

Meanwhile, US Department of State has declared that “free elections are the path out of Venezuela’s deep political crisis” and “Venezuelans deserve an independent National Electoral Council (CNE)”.

US condemns Maduro’s latest step to ‘rig the next Venezuelan election’



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