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UK-based company approved for medicinal cannabis licence in Antigua – Barbuda

LONDON, England – London-based medicinal cannabis company Eco Equity has been approved, pending ratification from the licensing board for a medicinal cannabis dispensary licence in Antigua and Barbuda. Eco Equity’s license will also include the manufacturing of products, supply, store, import and export for medicinal purposes and scientific use in Antigua and Barbuda.

The decision by the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda to approve Eco Equity to operate in Antigua and Barbuda means the company is well-positioned towards achieving its aim of becoming Antigua’s first and sole brand dispensary for medicinal cannabis.

The company has plans to roll the dispensary model out across the West Indies and has a long-term vision to build in conjunction with the government of Antigua and Barbuda, a global cannabis resort and conference centre.

The company has stressed its commitment to creating its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and has stated its mission to ensure jobs are given to the local community as a priority following the approval of the license application.

The company in association will develop, own and operate medicinal cannabis facilities with the objective to export the products derived from the facility to Europe.

With a combination of research, development, cultivating, growing and manufacturing our mission is to advance the medical extracts, related products and sector as a whole by educating communities and developing products that are safe, effective and affordable for export.

Jon-Paul Doran, chief executive officer (CEO) of Eco Equity, said: “It is a real honour to be considered for medicinal cannabis in Antigua and Barbuda. The progressive nature of the prime minister and his government is what attracted us to the island in the first place. We are excited about the potential opportunities that will arise from this and we will be making further announcements in the coming weeks.”

“Whilst we are, of course, anticipating the timely approval of the said license, we are aware that the hard work starts now and our team on the ground is ready to begin operations.”

Charles Fernandez, minister of tourism & investments of Antigua and Barbuda said: “The global cannabis market is expanding at an exponential rate. We have seen many business plans from many global cannabis firms and Eco Equity stood out in many areas. We commend them. We look forward to working closely with them and supporting them as they build here in Antigua and Barbuda.”

Following the approval of the licence Eco Equity could become the first company to hold medicinal cannabis licenses in both Antigua and Barbuda, and Zimbabwe, as it continues to expand into the global market.

The company has already begun work on a greenhouse facility in Zimbabwe and intends to follow a similar process in Antigua and Barbuda.





  1. Similar kind of thing as SVG, an unknown and previously untraded company.

    The Antiguan people need to ask how were these people appointed and what are the names of all the directors and shareholders [which I already know]. Have they ever done such a project before? Where is the investment money coming from.

    Are any Antiguans involved [including government officials].

    Transparency is ultra important.

    As a hint I can tell you Eco Equity Ltd is a brand new untraded company. So its ultra important that a full, extensive, and in depth due diligence is done on each and every one of those involved. If that cannot be done let me know and I will do it for you for a very small fee, perhaps even free or better still a donation to charity.

    Now is the time for every Antigua and Barbuda citizen to be concerned about exactly what’s going on. These medical marijuana licences are worth millions the moment they are granted. Antigua and Barbuda should not just be concerned with the license fee, there is much, much more at stake.


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