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Turkey’s unilateral action was unnecessary and impulsive, says US Defense Secretary

By Caribbean News Global contributor

WASHINGTON, USA — Despite the opposition and repeated warnings from the United States and the international community, Turkish President Erdogan ordered a unilateral invasion of northern Syria that has resulted in widespread casualties, refugees, destruction, insecurity, and a growing threat to US military forces, defense Secretary Dr Mark T. Esper said.

“President Erdogan bears full responsibility for its consequences, to include a potential ISIS resurgence, possible war crimes, and a growing humanitarian crisis. The bilateral relationship between our two countries has also been damaged.”

This unacceptable incursion has also undermined the successful multinational “Defeat ISIS” mission in Syria and resulted in the release of many dangerous ISIS detainees.

Due to Turkey’s irresponsible actions, the risk to US forces in northeast Syria has reached an unacceptable level.  We are also at risk of being engulfed in a broader conflict.  Therefore, at the president’s direction, the Department of Defense is executing a deliberate withdrawal of US military personnel from northeast Syria.

Espen will be visiting NATO next week in Brussels, where he plans to press other NATO allies to take collective and individual diplomatic and economic measures in response to these egregious Turkish actions.

“The United States is holding the Turkish government accountable for escalating violence by Turkish forces, endangering innocent civilians, and destabilizing the region,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

US Department of the Treasury respond to Turkey’s military operations in Syria

As a result of this action, all property and interests in property of these persons, and of any other persons blocked by operation of law, that are in the United States or in the possession or control of US persons must be blocked and reported to OFAC.  E.O. October 14, 2019, and OFAC’s regulations generally prohibit all dealings by U.S. persons or within (or transiting) the United States that involve any property or interest in the property of blocked persons.

Meanwhile, president Donald Trump is trying to restore the situation via a ceasefire and reconciliation of the various interests that are in play in the Northeast region, a senior-level delegation has been dispatched to Ankara to negotiate a deal.






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