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Trace Genomics Acquires Soil Processing Assets to Open Iowa Laboratory, Puts Down Midwestern Roots

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trace Genomics, the pioneering soil science, genomics and machine learning company, has acquired certain soil processing assets from WinField United, and has opened a soil lab facility located in Ames, Iowa.

Trace Genomics partners with agronomists to make crucial input and planting decisions that maximize yields while also optimizing the use of inputs like fertilizers and pesticides.

The Ames facility is over 11,700 square feet and will serve as the company’s Midwest hub for receiving and analyzing soil samples.

“The assets we’re acquiring have a proven track record. They are capable of receiving and processing thousands of samples a day while demonstrating tight quality control,” said Trace Genomics’ CEO, Dan Vradenburg. “This laboratory provides a perfect launchpad for our nutrient and disease offerings targeting row crops.”

Trace Genomics has plans to hire locally, building a team in Ames and the larger central Iowa region over time.

This facility also will allow Trace Genomics to reduce shipping time for soil samples and enable faster analysis so experts can provide critical timely recommendations to local and regional customers.

About Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics has developed the first analytics engine that learns as it maps the living soil. Founded in 2015 to serve the farming community, Trace Genomics helps agronomists and their growers maximize the value of every acre. The company is building the largest, most actionable body of soil intelligence, making thousands of agronomists and their growers experts on what’s underground. Working collaboratively across the agriculture ecosystem, Trace Genomics helps optimize costs, manage risk and protect soil as a capital asset. Trace Genomics is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has raised $22.5 million in funding.


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