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Three cheers for those who bring a dream to life

Dear Sir

This special time of year calls out to one and all,

to see within ourselves a spirit of charity and bliss, to give one another a hug, a handshake and a kiss, while memories of the past play in our mind’s eyes as well.

Your clever thoughts have created a future well-devised, and many a person will benefit divine. The efforts and plans you have made are at hand, so lay back for now and enjoy your family and friends.

For a New Year is upon us that brightens each day, your emotions and determination will create great things. Hand created a restaurant, bakery, office or factory, and the efforts of all may well excel, or fall flat upon itself, but those who create risk much to benefit everyone else.

Working for yourself has a truly hidden meaning indeed! Do you work for your benefit, or others perhaps, a partner, family, or community? Others always benefit. To create and bring to life, hope and a dream is what ownership of business truly means.

No matter the economic environment, or political ideology, there is always someone farming, building and harvesting. A clapping hand for those who invest in themselves each day, hoping upon hope for a brighter, more attractive and profitable way.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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