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‘There seems to be anarchy in our country’, says senator Jean

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The understanding of double talk politicians and the lack of crime management has now caught up with the ideological revisionist history of policymakers and lawmakers, who, yelp in opposition and has suddenly become castrated from doing the right things in government; meantime the chickens have come home to roost – adrift to the ‘anarchy in our country’ crime and insecurity in Saint Lucia.

“I don’t know if to go as far as saying it’s a failed state, but certainly there seems to be anarchy in our country,” Senator Allison Jean, told Loop News. “It is time that something is done to curtail it,” she declared. “We’ve had crime symposiums before, and there are recommendations that have come out of it. I think that there is a need to look at each recommendation and work towards putting it in action,” Jean said. “You’re hearing sometimes that people who are witnesses being targeted, so there are a number of things to be done in order to restore the confidence of our community in the government, the police and all other agencies responsible for curbing crime.”

The state of cognitive dissonance has conflicted between knowing what is right yet doing and talking the opposite, flunks with paper tigers and well-decorated public servants and police officers with no ability to take back the streets.

Recently, a 35-year veteran of the RSLPF commented that the police force is systemically impromptu to national security and police operations and is more risk-averse and politically manipulated.

According to the Loop News article, senator Jean does not believe that Saint Lucia should be considered a failed state due to the unprecedented upsurge in criminality on the island. Despite policies put in place by the government, the state and law enforcement officials are struggling to bring crime under control.

A press release from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) noted that the Philip Pierre led-administration is taking the fight to the criminals.

“Undeterred by the level of crime affecting the island, prime minister and minister for national security Philip J. Pierre, remains focused on pursuing workable policy interventions to help the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force [RSLPF] extract criminal elements from the island’s peace-loving communities,” the OPM declared. 

“Prime minister Pierre is working to continuously improve the operational and tactical capacity of the RSLPF to enhance crime-fighting strategies, promote intelligence-driven policing and ensure law and order prevails in Saint Lucia. On December 5, 2022, the RSLPF were provided with two additional patrol vehicles.

In a request for comment, a political scientist familiar with the domestic shortfalls, noted:

“Senator Jean’s comments are a serious indictment on the Pierre-led administration coming from his latest appointed senator. Do you think nepotism and recycling of dead horses “playing”?

The comments continued: “ The Pierre-led administration should be replaced if according to her we are almost a failed state where anarchy reigns. .. it, therefore, means that the administration has lost its legitimacy to govern”, adding. “Is there something she knows that we do not yet know?

An article in headlined St Lucia murder rate soars as underground gangs thrive – prime minister laments “years of tolerance for corruption”. 

Understandably, there are reasons to freak out about the crime situation. This heightens the challenges the island faces. The government will have to return to the drawing board to communicate a positive approach.

Tourism Minister, Ernest Hilaire outside parliament Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Saint Lucia’s reputation is getting a battering in overseas tourism and economy markets. There is now a need to double up and refresh.

Tourism minister, Ernest Hilaire, speaking to reporters ahead of parliament Tuesday, opined:

“Other partners have to fight against the island’s social ills. We have to be relentless in our fight. We need to fight until we win this battle against the grave consequences of the social ills that we face.”

“It is unfortunate that sometimes it spills over into areas that are really core to our economic survival. But we are not going to let up. We are going to intensify the fight to ensure that we win this victory. [ …] .”

“This is not Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is an extraordinarily beautiful place – very rich cultural heritage, fantastic creative expression and we have to sell that,” Hilaire pronounced.

Meanwhile, prime minister and minister for national security, Pierre, announced Monday, that the K9 Unit, previously disbanded, will seek to be reinstated.

Who fired the K9 Unit?

Last June, the Government of Saint Lucia announced the K9 Unit started in April 2021 – an agreement to provide dogs and dog handlers by the previous administration cost taxpayers XCD$40,000 monthly.

“I have asked the attorney general to look into returning the dogs to the Customs to stem the flow of guns into the country through the barrels,” Pierre added. “We are going to speak to the owners of the dogs to see if we can return them to the situation. At least if it can help stem the influx of guns into the barrels,” he stated.

In an attempt to show resolve, commissioner of police, Crusita Descartes-Pelius (Ag.,) said, Monday:

“As we head into the festive season, we are realizing unprecedented levels of violence in every sector of the island. Despite significant strides by the members of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, we continue to observe increases in homicides, gun-related activity and other serious offences,” Descartes-Pelius continued.

“We will take back our streets and make Saint Lucia safe for all visitors and citizens. To the individuals intent on wreaking havoc, you will be weeded out. There is no room for you or your behaviour and the organization which I lead will succeed in putting a stop to your actions.”

SameGuy December 6, 2022 At 9:42 am writes, in part:

“The police system [definitely] needs an overhaul, you will never attain any success with the corrupted group of men and women. Mr PM the strategy being used now was once successful in the 1960s. They are no longer effective and hence the reason we are in that mess. We need to make some changes and change our approach. We need a better police system and make some effective changes which can be measured. This will [definitely] be a work in progress and hence the reason it needs to be monitored. We need to set goals in the police system and ensure it is achieved – monthly objectives. We need to measure performance.”

CNG Insight

The Pierre-led administration will need to redeploy and prioritize national security in quick order amid unfavourable happenings, anxiety and peripheral scrutiny.



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