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The resilience of Trinidad and Tobago’s opposition leader Bissessar

Dear Sir:

Although separated by varying political ideologies, societal differences, differing years of power and geographical locations, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, and Bissessar have all shared one common trait. As leaders, these remarkable women have not only set the tone for inspirational leadership, but they have shown unparalleled resilience under political conditions where the strongest of men would have folded, despaired and even tried to “politically escape”.

For years the political realm has existed as a male-dominated arena yet these three women have reached the very top of the “political leadership mountain” and left their mark on global development. As a matter of fact, few men could rival their accomplishments, the victories they have secured, the support they have mustered and the dedication they have governed with.

While the history of Thatcher’s iron will have been thoroughly written and the history of Bhutto’s rock-solid courage examined, the legacy of Bissessar’s patriotic determination towards people-centered development continues today.

Never in the history of our nation has a political leader or public figure been subjected to such personal and vile attacks by men who have sought to compensate their lack of national vision with baseless, classless insults which reflect their holistic intellectual bankruptcy.

What is admirable is the fact, like Thatcher and Bhutto, Bissessar has never for one day allowed the rhetoric of those who lust for power without substance to affect her. As a leader, she has remained steadfast to her goals of ensuring a better Trinidad and Tobago.

In the last four-year years, we have seen true leadership by the United National Congress (UNC) political leader who has shrugged away the attacks not only by those opposed to her but by some who believe they are politico’s sent by a higher being to ensure national salvation.

Instead of engaging in “low politics” Bissessar has engaged in “people politics” by ensuring that the UNC has developed into an institution of national support, an organization that is welcoming to all and one which fosters plans for the development of every citizen despite their respective background.

Kamla’s presentation of a plan for economic transformation during the budget debate is an exceptional act because it shows that for the last four years she has been in tune with the needs, wants and cries of our nation.

Bissessar must be truly congratulated for her resilience as a leader and in essence, thanked for providing leadership when those who have been elected to do so have failed and abdicated their responsibility.

Nicholas Morris

Former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador



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