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The politics of traffic management

By Caribbean News Global fav

Last week, the Cayman Islands and Saint Lucia witness pedestrians and motorists expressing their frustration over major traffic management deficiencies.

In the Cayman Islands, planning minster Joey statement said: “The ministry of commerce, planning and infrastructure is aware of the extreme traffic delays experienced by motorists coming out of the Eastern Districts [this morning], particularly from the Prospect community. We apologise to members of the motoring public for the inconvenience. We ask for continued patience as the ministry of commerce, planning and infrastructure, national roads authority and the Royal Cayman Islands police service work together to roll out interim solutions as we seek to find the right balance to our traffic flow.”

In Saint Lucia, the 40th anniversary of independence monument erected at the Castries Waterfront, (the major artery of the City) extended a notoriously messy, slow traffic congestion by some smart authority to closing the nation’s main corridor that reportedly commenced from about 05:00 – 08:00 am, contrary to 10:00 am as previously announced, to facilitate the unveiling of the monument scheduled for 03:30 pm on the day in question.

The decision to advance the road closure is said to be under investigation, like every other investigation on the island [with little to no result and consequence of action, notable 391 plus unsolved murders, and a government the frequently investigate the investigators].

This time is no exception, as it is even more complicated to figure out who gave the directive and who were the responsible commanders overseeing traffic operations and management on that given day.

Nonetheless, commissioner of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Severin Monchery, after the fact, recognised that the traffic fiasco, “caused a great deal of inconvenience not only to the motoring public but commuters, business persons, workers, and students of the country,” added, ” I as commissioner of police take full responsibility for this. On behalf of the police, I apologize to the members of the public for the inconvenience caused”.

The question is not far-fetch as to who gives permission to close city streets and highways, and who decides to erect a monument at a major rounder-about, open to considerable misadventures. Many come to mind including pedestrian crossings, traffic hindrance, public safety, negligence and should a mishap occur, certainly opens the City, the Municipality and State to liability.

In both equations, the Cayman Islands and Saint Lucia, traffic management, public policy, and political equations are cited. It speaks to public policy, public management and decision making, the political directorate, and whether nonchalant is more ostensible to downright laced with humour in public official’s capacity to prevailing ineptitude.

The perspective of the sculpture’s depiction and location are naturally ill-advised and will have to be relocated with a new government assuming office. That’s a logical thought process requiring little brain matter.

Who needs to be reminded of the nursery rhyme: Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream – merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream?

Undoubtedly, the Cabinet of prime minister Allen Chastanet is proud to have Saint Lucians unfocused from government offices nearby executing executive decisions that place the country in no better shape than Haiti, are now embolden to comfortable express rowing, the Saint Lucian boat out to sea in yet another display of distraction and servitude.

Despite the common belief and misguided perception of certain spin-doctors on the morning and mid-day talk-show circuit in Saint Lucia – too deprived of brain matter to understand the happens: the answer isn’t to take politics and politicians out of the equation who overrule expert advice and don’t listen.

In more ways than one, our politicians are to be blamed, for decisions not supported by quantifiable evidence, ill-defined governance model and the uneasy relationship that plagued senior public officers to sequester propositions, while others continue to please and merely placate the politics.



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