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The Korea Ginseng Association announces positive effects of Korean ginseng on respiratory infections 

SEOUL, South Korea – As interests in immune-boosting healthy functional foods continue to grow amidst of COVID-19’s worldwide spread, The Korea Ginseng Association has shared its nutritional research for Korean Ginseng’s effects on improving the immune system.  

Korean Ginseng is an indigenous product of South Korea and is globally recognized for its high quality. Scientific evidence from clinical trials also continue to document ginseng’s effects on improving the immune system.

Recently, a clinical study conducted in partnership between the Geumsan International Ginseng & Herb Research Institute and Jeonbuk National University Hospital has indicated that Korean ginseng was effective in suppressing the infection rate of acute respiratory diseases. In the study, a group of healthy adults, aged 39 to 65, were divided into a placebo and test group. The test group was administered with 324 mg of Korean Ginseng extracts three times a day, totaling 972mg daily for 12 weeks.

As a result, the rate of respiratory infections in the test group was 25 percent lower than the rate in the placebo group. The severity of symptoms was also 41 percent lower in the test group. The duration of symptoms such as sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and headache was 69 percent shorter in the test group.

The active substance found abundantly in the roots of ginseng, ginsenoside, increases the body’s immune system, and prevents the virus from proliferating inside the body. Notably, ginseng harvested during September and November have the thickest roots and contain the most ginsenoside.

Jang, the manager of The Korea Ginseng Association, said the world’s interest in Korean Ginseng is increasing as the news of this clinical study has come out. This had led to an increase in the sales of Korean ginseng. He added that consuming Korean Ginseng will improve your ability to fight against infectious respiratory diseases.



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