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The independent King resigns from Chastanet’s UWP

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Castries North MP and former prime minister, Stephenson King, in an address to the nation Thursday evening explained his decision to resign from the United Workers Party (UWP) and contest the upcoming general elections on July 26, as an independent.

“I can no longer recognise the UWP, the UWP has lost its way”, … he said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, at a UWP press conference, Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre, the immediate past president of the Senate of the parliament of St Lucia, was announced as the candidate for Castries North.

Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre

In a press release dated July 8, prime minister Chastanet said, he accepted the resignation of Stephenson King as a member of the United Workers Party and as minister for infrastructure, ports, energy and labour.

“ The United Workers Party thanks King for his contribution to the Party and Saint Lucia. King was entrusted with one of the largest portfolios, and was given the respect accorded to his position as a former PM. The justification King attempts to give for his resignation is unfounded, as he had every opportunity to raise issues with me and never did. His behavior has caused all to question his true motives”, prime minister Chastanet added.

“I am proud we delivered on our Five to Stay Alive and now we are focused on our Five for Five. We have a plan to continue fixing our healthcare, creating new jobs, lowering the cost of living, looking after the vulnerable, and reducing taxes.

“The UWP will not be distracted from our plan by personal animosities or personal agendas. Now is the time to stay focused and finish the job we started five short years ago,” he said.



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