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The failed Rowley government will fall: The only question is when and how

Dear Sir

Six years ago, Trinidad and Tobago was a stable, vibrant and prospering country. Today, a dysfunctional Peoples National Movement (PNM) government has robbed us of that and substituted a regime of incompetence, maladministration, corruption, nepotism and a level of arrogance never before seen in Trinidad and Tobago. Today we are on the verge of total collapse, sliding downhill at a rapid pace to become a failed country.

The inept and arrogant Keith Rowley-led PNM administration has exacerbated every single issue plaguing Trinidad and Tobago as the country moves from crisis to crisis covering multiple areas: a crisis in governance, a crisis in credibility, a crisis in national security, healthcare, education, social security and a crisis in dealing with the economy.

It has been a failure after failure, scandal after scandal; misstep and mistake. And they have infected almost every institution that used to be independent. This crisis in governance cannot go on. Led by the over egotistical Keith Rowley, Stuart Young, Faris Al Rawi, Colm Imbert et al, they have all become a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths. Their administration is limping along, revelling in an orgy of incompetence and ineptitude while pretending to govern Trinidad and Tobago.

Anyone who dares speak out about the PNMs failures is deemed as unpatriotic. The new definition of treason is any citizen who questions and demands accountability from the government, especially with regard to its corrupt procurement practices.

Dr Rowley is a stampeding megalomaniac who sees nothing wrong with him, his family and inner circle break rules, but is quick to breach individual rights and freedoms with people who don’t dance to the music the PNM band is playing. Perhaps his two greatest liabilities are his attorney-general and his minister of national security. It would be difficult to find two individuals less competent than Faris Al-Rawi and Stuart Young, yet, they are the government’s legal and national security voices.

The Rowley PNM has seemingly caused the collapse of the energy sector. We have lost the bedrock of our economy and the industrial estate that fed off that sector is now almost fully abandoned.

It seems that we are governed by a dictator and his minions who have no respect for laws and conventions and will continue to destroy all freedoms and every shred of civility and decency.

Aided and abetted by their 3F’s – friends, family and financiers, Rowley’s PNM continues to rely on political distraction, outrage and misdirection, creating ways to distort, vilify and dramatize non-existent and nonsensical issues to mask their own mismanagement and incompetence at governance.

And sadly, the few who can make a difference seem to have become dumb or unable to develop a plan of action to move the country forward and stop the threat to our democracy. What might appear minor or insignificant today will mushroom into a dictatorship if the people remain complacent, timid or frightened.

Those in the know are clear about one thing. The failed Rowley government will fall; the only question is when and how.

Capil Bissoon 



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