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The Bahamas – US authorities returned 123 irregular Cuban migrants

HAVANA, Cuba, (ACN) – US and Bahamian authorities returned 123 irregular Cuban migrants between April 25 and 27, the Cuban interior ministry reported.

The returned individuals left Cuba illegally by sea, the ministry explains on its Website and added that 137 men, 3 women and one minor came from The Bahamas in the 13 operation of its kind this year, with 599 Cubans returned.

A group of 67 men, 15 women were returned to the Orozco harbor in western Artemisa province – two of the women were in advance pregnancy – to a total figure of 2, 588 this year.

The total number of returned Cubans has climbed to 3,526 this year in 66 operations from different countries of the region.

The Cuban government has reiterated its commitment to a regular, safe and orderly migration and has warned of the danger and risks to life of any illegal departure by sea.



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