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Taiwan prepares for post-COVID-19 era with emerging technologies

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The COVID-19 pandemic spurs transformation of digital healthcare everywhere. To echo that trend, the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan will bring together 300 technology giants and healthcare providers to exhibit healthcare-centred applications and solutions powered by AI, IoT, bio-sensor, 8K image tech and 5G to then ignite fresh ideas amongst those with desires to reinvent the way healthcare used to be delivered.

ICT’s showroom for health tech and solutions

Multinational companies choose to partner with Taiwan because of the nation’s high quality and productivity of IC design and manufacturing, hardware and software integration. With over decades of experience in technology and healthcare combined, Taiwan-based tech sector has been able to assist countries around the world putting in place with smart hospital solutions, wireless body sign tracking and monitoring systems, AI-assisted medical imaging systems, point of care solutions, 5G and UV LED robots, in a relatively short time.

Information and communication technology leaders including Acer, Advantech, Asus, CHT, Coretronic, FET, Foxconn, Inventec, Quanta, Qisda, Realtek, Wistron, are part of the Expo lineup that will showcase how technology responds to healthcare issues and challenges in difference scenarios. Together they have developed a wider smart healthcare ecosystem which will be put on display during the four-day Expo.

Healthcare supply chain: reboot and rebuild

While the global trade was influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan remained one of which uninterrupted as per the online publisher Visual Capitalist. By looking at the Mobility Index and COVID-19 Recovery Rate amongst 41 countries surveyed, the publisher found only two of them with positive numbers. Taiwan’s electronics export grew by 11.5 percent in Q1, 2020, coupled with semiconductors registered at $4.02 billion the same quarter- the amount topped the others according to the industrial association SEMI. The data above indicates that Taiwan has the ability to cope with change and is a low-risk market despite facing COVID-19.

The Healthcare+ Expo will, therefore, introduce a grand convention aiming at the healthcare supply chain in the APAC region, more than 30 industrial associations from the region will be invited to meet face to face to clarify demand-supply needs and work together to create a wider supplier network.



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