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Taiwan donates 100,000 medical masks to the State of Florida

FLORIDA, USA – On behalf of the government of Taiwan, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami (TECO in Miami) donated 100,000 medical masks to the State of Florida on Friday, April 10.

The donation executes Taiwan President Tsai Ing Wen’s promise to provide medical masks to the partners of Taiwan in urgent need of medical supplies to confront the pandemic and serves as an example of how Taiwan can help the world in confronting COVID-19.

The donation of 100,000 medical masks was delivered from Taiwan directly to the Florida State Logistics Response Center in Orlando. The Florida division of emergency management received the token of goodwill from TECO in Miami on behalf of the State of Florida and will distribute the medical masks to frontline first responders and healthcare workers who are in urgent need.

On behalf of the Government of Taiwan, Director General David Chien (2nd right) and Director Sara Chen (2nd left) donated 100,000 medical masks to Florida Division of Emergency Management Logistics Response Center in Orlando. Facility Manager Jeff Egan (1st right) and Property Manager Scott Parrish (1st left) of the Response Center testified the goodwill of Taiwan.

Director-General David Chien of TECO in Miami in a statement indicated that the pandemic COVID-19 is a global historical tragedy. Taiwan recognizes that the State of Florida has been hit especially hard by the novel coronavirus.

Besides mourning alongside those who have lost loved ones during this tragedy, Taiwan expresses its support toward its sister State of Florida, through the donation of the 100,000 medical masks. A strong sisterhood relationship between Taiwan and Florida has always been cherished, the Sunshine State has been home to over hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese immigrants.

Director General David Chien counting the boxes containing medical masks.

Furthermore, Taiwan has been one of the most important export markets in Asia for Florida. In many different facets, Florida and Taiwan share a bond. With this donation, director-general Chien wants everyone to not only see that “Taiwan can help,” but that “Taiwan is helping.”

Taiwan leadership in the era of COVID-19

Taiwan has transformed itself from an importer to the world’s second-largest producer of medical masks, with a daily production capacity of over 13 million pieces. Taiwan believes the pandemic cannot be stopped by the effort of one country alone. Countries around the globe must unite, show solidarity, provide mutual assistance, and work together to fight the novel coronavirus. Taiwan is willing to exert its influence in this battle and join hands with the international community to overcome this challenge together.

The donation reaffirms Taiwan’s commitment to help its Sister State Florida during this difficult moment.


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