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St Lucia worst prepared in region for COVID-19 is not far-fetched


Dear Sir:

The declaration by opposition leader Philip J. Pierre at the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) town hall meeting on Tuesday evening, that Saint Lucia is the worst prepared country in the region for the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) is obvious, based on facts, the lack of leadership, transparency, use of medical facilities and – protocol; the most bastardized word on the island.

Political leader Pierre was also futuristic in his assessment last month at the SLP press conference ‘that the government should take measures to prepare the country for the eventuality of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The situation at hand is not if Covid-19 will hit Saint Lucia (a tourist playground) but God forbid – it is just a matter of when. The island’s main economic viability is tourism, dependent on North America, Asia, and Europe for everything else.

Just examine the many travel restrictions, sports, and events cancellation; to numerous to mention. Japan and Italy are closing schools. In Iran, ministers of government are not immune. Airports, apartment buildings and public buses in North America are fumigated daily. Stores cannot keep up with supplies as shoppers ring in the cash registers. The president of China has not surfaced in weeks. Even the Church and the Vatican are taking cover, ‘the Lord’s prayer is in retreat’.

“What did they do? [The UWP administration brownnosers] They called us (SLP) prophets of doom and gloom. They said all kinds of things about us and right now Saint Lucia is the worst prepared Island for the coronavirus in the region,” Pierre asserted.

The government of Saint Lucia apparent ‘delayed and inaction’ early-on may have compounded the risk and exposure to the 180,000 inhabitants for the pleasure of a few, ‘well placed Chinese expatriates’ and privilege horses.

So what do we know? It is clear that the prime minister of Saint Lucia is incapable of taking charge of anything. It is habitual that anything he touches or is remotely close to is a guaranteed disaster.

So Pierre is correct, that we have a government and prime minister that is incapable of taking charge of COVID-19 imminent arrival on Saint Lucia. The result will likely be catastrophic, judging by the outcomes in developed countries.

Notwithstanding a few false alarms to date, one cannot excuse the fact that we have an ‘irresponsible government in power’ who cannot summon national resources, identify and make ready in 24-48 hours a quarantine facility with half-decent functionality; yet hallucinate about the use of Rat Island, without basic amenities for a day-camp, much-less human habitation and the necessities of being medically quarantine.

Perhaps the government of Saint Lucia is nonchalant in saving lives and empowering people as they proclaim on the campaign trail; and that perhaps the true meaning is to diminish the Neg-Mawon’s – using Rat island as the escape route? Who knows? But a few petty Bourgeoisies?

The World Health Organization (WHO) said last Friday, as it raised the global risk assessment of the infection to “very high” countries must act quickly and robustly to contain the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic.

So what has the government of Saint Lucia done, while CARICOM pleasures themselves in the postulants of COVID-19 politics?

Look at the countries in the region that have the capacity to test for COVID-19. These include Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas and Haiti, also Martinique, French Guiana, Curacao, Aruba and St Martin and the British territories – Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

In Jamaica, an additional 30 Cuban medical professionals arrived on Thursday, February 27 to “further bolster the government’s delivery of quality healthcare services.”

Where is Saint Lucia in the mix? Absolutely nullified and equally conflicting, “masking their dishonesty” confusing the “30 percent illiterate” population, daily on radio and television.

What is happening at St Jude hospital, the Owen King European Union (OKEU) hospital; and what are the priorities of the government of Saint Lucia in the interest of its people, vis-a-via foreign private interest, are all legitimate, and in need of answers.

As the old adage goes, You cannot give what you don’t have. You can only give and perform what is within your ability.

However, the government of Saint Lucia and the medical establishment have a responsibility to literally explain and provide information of substance, relative to planning readiness and implementing of COVID- 19 strategies.

It is pointless having it in someone’s mind or in the obit of a few. If the wider population is not aware of quarantine locations, where the public health units are located, ports of entry equipment, surveillance and communications, then you can well understand why the word – protocol is bastardized, daily, by the government and medical spokesperson.

The government of Saint Lucia and the medical establishment have a responsibility to lay-out the facts and truth about COVID-19 (if known; but more important to seek help as is currently the case) in terms of the command and response structure.

The fact of the matter remains that Pierre’s thought process is substantially advanced to that of the government of Saint Lucia. The distance between night and day. Besides, a government and prime minister with heads fittingly in a place of disposable comfort.


Arianna Phillips




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