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St Lucia adjusts COVID-19 protocols in anticipation of general elections early July

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The government of Saint Lucia late Friday announced “adjustments to COVID-19 protocols” following extended meetings all week long, to decide on the dilemma of the coronavirus and the important constitutional requirement for general elections.

Caribbean News Global (CNG) was informed that, “notwithstanding the prime ministers’ predisposition to listen and take the advice of political strategist, and albeit the utterance of herd immunity, the tentative date for general elections is July 5, 2021. [ Expect modifications]

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CNG was also informed of several strategic and political meetings, directives to some candidates and Cabinet ministers to affirm their loyalty and to diminish any surprises. In the end, this maybe too late to resolve differences.

It is also important to understand the “context of the policy” and “adjustments to COVID-19 protocols” and the press release coming from the office of the prime minister and not the minister of health, that reads: “The government of Saint Lucia has approved amendments to the COVID-19 Prevention and Control regulations effective May 31, 2021 – June 30, 2021.

Meanwhile, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains Level 4: Very High and advised that “ travelers should avoid all travel to Saint Lucia,” further stated, “because of the current situation in Saint Lucia even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to Saint Lucia.”

The press release from the office of the prime minister says, “as Saint Lucia continues to strengthen its vaccination campaign and after careful deliberation on recommendations from the Command Centre, the Cabinet of ministers, have agreed to adjust the COVID-19 protocols, to allow some concessions for fully vaccinated persons based on the protection being provided by vaccination in keeping with the science.”

The changes are as follows:

A person with a valid liquor license may permit a person on licensed premises to consume intoxicating liquor between the hours of 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

A competitive sporting activity may be permitted within a controlled facility with spectators on condition that persons in attendance are fully vaccinated. Competitive sporting events or activities must receive approval from the ministry of health.

Returning nationals and visitors with a negative PCR test and who are fully vaccinated will not require quarantine. Random testing will be done at all arrival points. Notwithstanding, the CMO retains the power to place visitors in quarantine in order to protect public health.

Underlining the prime ministers’ economic and political difficulties for the ‘full cooperation in the safe implementation of the new measures in place’ offers a feather brain: “Social events with up to 50 fully vaccinated persons may be permitted after authorization through the ministry of health.”

To cushion the government extremely bad administration of COIVID-19 ‘disregarding the health of the population and the execution of ‘preference economics’ and the “lives and livelihood” policy, the government of Saint Lucia says, “it is encouraged that the changes will allow certain sectors negatively impacted by COVID-19 to commence or expand operations and asks that as we continue to monitor the situation regarding the spread of COVID-19, all should practice the infection prevention and control measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep us safe.”

As of May 27, 2021, a total of 27, 709 individuals have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 18, 277 individuals have received the second dose.

The office of the prime minister, however, admitted: “Saint Lucia is still at a critical point in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate the risks involved and will continue to strengthen the public health system.”

This is comparatively insufficient to capture the imagination at the moment of political and economic damage that Saint Lucia has endured. The resolve should be safe and effective elections.



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