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St Kitts – Nevis cabinet of ministers announced

By Caribbean News Global contributor

BASSETERRE, St Kitts – Following the June 5, general election in St Kitts and Nevis, Team Unity Movement led by Dr Timothy Harris accumulating 9 out of 11 seats; and “barring a couple of hiccups, the general elections of 2020 went smoothly, and reflected the will of the people,” Dr Harris said. “It was testament to your maturity that our democracy continued to work effectively despite and during these unprecedented times in which we are living.”

The agenda

Team Unity has an exciting programme of policies that will take St Kitts and Nevis to a stronger safer future:

  • We have earmarked 2000 lots for bigger and better houses, including low-income houses.
  • More land will be bought back from the Land Sales Agency to be made available to our farmers, fishers, mechanics, our young people and those with commercial and industrial interests.
  • We are working towards an ambitious program of job creation.
  • We will regularise our STEP workers and make our government auxiliary workers pensionable.
  • We will construct a brand-new General Hospital. We will hand over a modern health facility to the people of Tabernacle, Mansion, Belle Vue, named in honour of a health professional and prayer warrior, former Matron Sylvia Garnette.  We will commence construction of a new health centre in St Peters even as we work to provide health coverage for all the people of St Kitts and Nevis.
  • Our educational facilities will continue to be rehabilitated, expanded and modernized. A brand new Basseterre High School will be delivered to students from feeder communities of Conaree, Basseterre, St Peters etc,
  • A new facility for Her Majesty’s Prison will be constructed.
  • There will be a new Ministry focusing on Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Development.
  • We will continue the build out of our multi-million dollar CCTV programme on the islands of Nevis and St Kitts.

These are just a few examples of those exciting policies that my Cabinet will be bringing forward.

Cabinet appointments

Dr Timothy Harris – Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, National Security, Sustainable Development, Constituency Empowerment, and Human Resource Management and Information;

Shawn Richards – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, Utilities, Posts and Urban Development;

Mark Brantley – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Civil Aviation;

Alexis Jeffers – Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources;

Lindsay Grant – Minister of Tourism, Transport and Ports’;

Eugene Hamilton – Minister of Human Settlement, National Health; Insurance, Social Security, Ecclesiastical Affairs, Social Development and Gender Affairs;

Eric Evelyn – Minister of Environment and Cooperatives;

Jonel Powell – Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture;

Akilah Byron-Nisbett – Minister of Health, ICT, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Development;

Wendy Phipps – Minister of International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Labour;

Vincent Byron Jr. – Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs.



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