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Range Developments: Leaders in Dominica’s CBI programme and eco – tourism revival

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By Caribbean News Global

LONDON, England –  The Commonwealth of Dominica marked two years since category 5 hurricane Maria wreaked havoc across the island, (September 19, 2019) with a day of prayer in recognition of the healed of the nation and its remarkably recovery. Eco-tourism, is a major feature of Dominica’s recovery, and in preparation for the opening of Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski, Dominica, is positioned for visitor arrivals higher than pre-Maria levels and economic stimulation in all sectors of the economy.

Dominica was able to jump-start post-hurricane recovery thanks to the financial reserves it had built up from its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, strong investor confidence and visionary leadership.

Anthony W Astaphan, SC in a recent article ‘Dominica miraculous recovery must be protected’ wrote: “A miracle made possible by the grace of God and remarkable leadership from prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

“Dominica is in the midst of a hotel and [eco] tourism boom. The deposits, savings, and assets of the local banks and national credit union are the highest they have ever been. The private sector has reopened and in full competitive mode. Social Security has record numbers of contributors and contributions. Our citizenship by investment (CBI) programme has been the best in the world three years running creating a significant revenue stream. Poverty and unemployment are the lowest ever. Agricultural production is at the highest level ever.

“The World Bank has funded the construction of the geothermal plant. The first wing of the new hospital has opened. Schools are functional. Dominica’s students have excelled. State College is now free. Tertiary education has been funded by the government so that no deserving student is left behind. In summary, Dominica is now better off for full-scale development in the next five to ten years than it has ever been.

“We will become the first climate-resilient country in the world. We are now the envy of the Caribbean. These successes are being achieved because leadership matters. It matters who is and/or becomes our next prime minister.

Speaking at a recent industry gathering tourism minister Robert Tonge, said, other factors contributing to Dominica’s tourism expansion were the increasing awareness of the island, absorbing more investment into sustainable tourism and the construction of several luxury resorts and hotels.

This was [accomplished] due to a government nation-wide policy of building climate resilience and investing in ecotourism, supported by international partners and foreign investors who went on to become economic citizens of Dominica.

“Eco – tourism in the Caribbean region is expected to grow by up to five percent this year, estimates”, said minister Tonge. We expect to see an increase in both diversity and a significant increase in rooms within the next 12-24 months with the completion of projects through the CBI programme and other major funded projects. To meet this higher demand and support ancillary services, Dominica also plans to create a Hospitality Institute,” he said.

The Financial Times’ PWM magazine classes Dominica as offering the best CBI programme in the world with second-to-none, due diligence, in an annual ranking called the CBI index. With a good international reputation, Dominica attracts high-quality investors who are offered Dominican citizenship for their economic contributions after they are thoroughly vetted.

Persons seeking second citizenship from Dominica can choose to direct at least US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or make a US$200,000 minimum investment in one of the CBI-approved hotels and resorts.

Dominica CBI programme inspiring confidence from world-leading brands

The EDF allows Dominica to fund a wide range of initiatives, and notably, Range Developments current and future project (s) in Dominica supports the island’s feat to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation, as prescribed by prime minister Skerrit.

Meanwhile, the real estate CBI program is steadily establishing the foundation of a sustainable tourism industry or eco-tourism, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean – Dominica – with lush rainforest and diverse fauna and flora.

Dominica is a leader in the Caribbean to attract higher-end, eco-conscious visitors and nature-loving investors in the all-new option in luxury accommodations – Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski, Dominica – on schedule, for its official opening this fall.

Meanwhile, Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski, Dominica will celebrate:Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival, October 25 to 27.

Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski celebrates Dominica World Creole Music Festival






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