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Principality of Monaco Set to Become the New Audiobook World Capital in 2023

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Audiobooks–The innovative Audiobook Worlds Awards Academy (A.W.A.A.®), in partnership with the Lions Club International Monaco, will celebrate in the Principality of Monaco the very first edition of its Awards Night’s ceremony by the end of summer 2023. The official launch of the A.W.A.A. is scheduled on March 22nd at EXPO DUBAI 2020 in the Monaco Pavillon. During the press conference (live streaming on YouTube’s A.W.A.A. channel) Mr. Massimiliano Biasiol – one of the A.W.A.A. funders and Chair of the company – will introduce A.W.A.A.’s mission and concept, and why, in this particular period of time, A.W.A.A. is bound to become the world leader organization in building awareness on the audiobook industry and its technological improvements. Mr. Biasiol, who is also a successful novelist under a pen name, thinks that the first edition of these World Awards will be an “unexpected, surprising and highly entertaining ceremony, unseen in any other awards celebration anywhere.” Meanwhile A.W.A.A.’s Team is rapidly partnering with publishers, writers, organizations, and charities worldwide, in order to work together with the common goal of building awareness and pushing for excellence in the audiobook industry. “We are quite optimistic that all partners efforts, will drive A.W.A.A. to accomplish its mission, by mapping out a unique model that will help this industry to gain a quicker and durable acceptance amongst users. As our A.W.A.A.’s President Mr. Salvatore de Guido says ‘we envision a world where audiobooks are a leading cultural and entertainment sector and where new listening communities are formed to promote affordable education and culture worldwide’.By using this approach, #Awaa will carry out its mission in its entirety and efficiently”.


The “A.W.A.A. Night” aims to land amongst the well-known annual monegasque“rendez-vous” and the founders, in collaboration with the local authorities, are determined to make Monaco the new Audiobook World Capital.


A.W.A.A. is a non-profit corporation founded in 2021 in USA. The Academy intends to create awareness and increase the use of audiobooks as means for a better, more complete education. As a non-profit company, the Academy is funded through grants, donations, sponsorships and fundraising events. Its headquarters are located in Miami. The first European branch is MIH. More worldwide branches will be opened soon.


Media contact: Maria BOLOGNA

PR contact Marzia L. Di Pietro


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