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President of Republic of China (Taiwan) to address World News Media Congress

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), will address the 74th World News Media Congress in Taiwan on 28 June.

WAN-IFRA President Fernando de Yarza said:

“We are honoured that president Tsai will participate in the opening of the 74th annual Congress in Taipei, where news media executives, editors and journalists from over 50 countries will meet to get a grip on where the global industry is headed and how news publishers are responding to fresh challenges. We will meet in Taiwan at a critical moment in its history, with rising tensions across the region. Visible global support for independent journalism, freedom of expression matters as much as acknowledgement of its role in the democratic processes of an open society such as Taiwan’s.”

The Taipei event, initially planned for 2021, but postponed due to COVID-19, now takes place at a critical moment in the region’s history.

“The World News Media Congress is a moment of reflection, learning, and a call to action to surmount threats and seize the momentum as we look forward, collectively, to a healthy future for news media. The presence of President Tsai Ing-wen is an eminent mark of recognition of the central role of a free and independent press in the country’s democratic processes, and is in line with the tradition of the countries that have welcomed us every year for over seventy years,” added Vincent Peyregne, CEO WAN-IFRA. In Spain in 2022, King Felipe VI officiated.

President Tsai is the first female head of state of the Republic of China (Taiwan’s official name). She is also the first female head of state in Asia who was not born into a political family. President Tsai, who has now been in office for seven years, was first elected as president in 2016; was re-elected in 2020 as the 15th-term president with the highest vote total in Taiwan’s history.




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