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President Fernandez asks Russia to guarantee vaccines for Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, (teleSUR) — Argentina’s president Alberto Fernandez on Monday asked Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to guarantee the regular shipment of vaccines to his country, during a phone call from Putin “to check on his health condition, since the Argentine president tested positive for COVID-19 on April 2,” as per teleSUR.

On Saturday, the Argentinean president tested positive for the COVID-19 after presenting a fever of 37.3 degrees and a slight headache.

His medical team reported that “he is in isolation since the diagnosis, stable and asymptomatic.”

Fernandez who, turned 62 last Friday, received the first dose of Sputnik V on January 21 and the second one on February 11, assured Putin that he is passing the disease mildly thanks to the positive effects of the Russian vaccine.

During the telephonic conversation, Putin affirmed that the vaccine supply to Argentina “will continue to be as agreed” and that he is “looking forward to deepening relations between the two countries.

Fernandez also commented that the results of Argentina’s vaccination campaign are excellent and the immunized population is not showing adverse effects.

Fernandez administration previously held negotiations with Cuba and India to access Soberana 02 and Covaxin vaccines. The latter whose tests in Argentina showed positive results. This vaccine is currently applied in Iran, Myanmar, and Mozambique. Argentina also contacted an investment fund from the United Arab Emirates for purchasing Sinopharm vaccines, teleSUR reported.

Cases overview – Argentina

Total cases 2.39 million – recovered – 2.14M – deaths – 56,199.



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