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Politically motivated ‘lawlessness’ and ‘criminality’ unsuccessful in Dominica

By Caribbean News Global fav

ROSEAU, Dominica – Dominica encountered two days of politically motivated discontent by the infamous group of opposition ‘lawlessness’ and ‘criminality’ [cataloged in picture and video] taking place in the constituency of Marigot, represented in parliament by the leader of the United Worker Party (UWP), Lennox Linton.

On Monday, persons was seen blocking main roads in Marigot and burning debris on the streets, disrupting commuters and nearby communities’ ability to transact everyday customs. This action is said to stem from “the lack of election reform” leading to general elections on Friday, December 6.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit later that evening cancelled campaign activities of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), out of an abundance of caution for safety and security.

“We take this step, not because of widespread violence or the breakdown of national law and order, which there is not, but because it is the prudent and cautious course of action in light of today’s political developments. We are taking this precaution to ensure that innocent Dominicans going about their business and labour’s supporters attending public meetings do not fall victim to supporters of the UWP. We will not put a single individual in harm’s way or at risk.

“There’s been protests action in the country in which a number of citizens expressing their desire for electoral reform for free and fair elections – a demand which the UWP and the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) have been spearheading for a long time,” said Skerrit.

More of the same happened Tuesday, with the burning of debris in selected areas, temporarily blocking roads. This, however, was brought under control by State authorities. Hours earlier, prime minister Skerrit assured the country that the government of Dominica has every confidence that local security forces are fully competent and committed to exercise in the skills and restraint required in the face of these acts of provocation.

“They will maintain safety and law and order in our country,” Skerrit stated. “They will not let the situation get out of hand and a few people tarnish Dominica’s good name.”

Meanwhile, prime minister Skerrit called on the leader of the opposition [Lennox] Linton, former prime minister of Dominica; and Edison James to bring an end to what he describes as “lawlessness” in the country. Nonetheless, opposition leadership or lack there-of seems content and unyielding – more less salivating in ‘social and economic sabotage’ of the country.

“I am calling on [Lennox] Linton, Edison James, and the UWP to bring an end to this lawlessness,” said Skerrit. “I am calling on them to tell their supporters to stop”, adding, “I am calling on Linton and the UWP to put Dominica first.”

Dominica was destroyed by hurricane Maria in 2017, with total economic loss that exceeded 200 percent of GDP. More compelling, Dominica with a population of 72, 000 is at the point of its most dramatic recovery, and that of any country to achieve such a fate of destruction and recovery.

Notwithstanding opposition groups attempt to derail and prolong the election campaign, on the pretense of ‘electoral reform’ with the assistance of external mercenaries; High Court Judge, Bernie Stephenson, on Tuesday, denied an application to grant an injunction to stop the December 6, general election.

Justice Stephenson ruled that once the president has issued the writ, the court cannot intervene. “This court cannot intrude on the elections once the writ has been issued by the president. I understand that the applicants may have legitimate concerns but that can be done otherwise and that is after the election, via elections petition and so, declare that this court has no jurisdiction to grant the reliefs sought,” the Judge stated. Lawyers for the applicants have indicated that the appeal will be lodged within with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) based in Saint Lucia.

Intelligence sources conclude that the situation in Dominica tells a story of opposition forces desperation in the face of being unprepared for the December 6, general election. This includes both human and financial un-resourcefulness of the UWP headless chicken coup, steering at colossal defeat.

Meantime, the UWP – Al Jazeera documentary is playing-out unfavourable, prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves has reiterated his government’s stance on Citizenship by Investment (CBI) initiatives.

“The principle is very straightforward. The highest office in the land is that of a citizen. It is that which binds all of us together in a political society called a state, we have rights and obligations to each other, that’s the highest office. Higher than governor-general, higher than prime minister. It is not a commodity for sale and the passport is the outward sign of the inward grace of citizenship, and that too is not a commodity for sale,” Gonsalves recited.

Recently, prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne revealed that Dominica’s former prime minister Oliver Seraphine, [featured in an Al Jazeera documentary] tried to get his government to make a diplomatic appointment.

“Seraphine visited … however, his request was denied,” Browne said. “I chased Seraphine so …I do not have anything to defend. They [Al Jazeera] could not call my name. He [Seraphine] did come and presented his letter saying that he had a wealthy man who wanted to be appointed [ambassador] …” Browne continued “I have a policy from the time you say, you want this from me and you are giving me this, the conversation ends” he explained.

In the light of the UWP – Al Jazeera documentary, opposition and associates attempt at total defiance, non-compliance and even contempt of court strategies to force the hands of the State, – election strategies muddled with ‘lawlessness’ and ‘criminality’ have proved unsuccessfully.

Affirming the DLP is a mature and responsible political party, with a prime minister that is level-headed; leaning on the advice of knowledge, Skerrit indicated, “that the DLP is concern about the well-being of all Dominicans”. He further stated that “in 41 years of independence Dominica elections have always been free and fair, this time will be no different.”



  1. They say attack is the best for of defence. Unfortunately. or fortunately the whole world knows about the sale for cash of diplomatic passports.


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