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PM Pierre expresses concern on the impact of misinformation

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TORONTO, Canada – Responding to the negative impact of misinformation, lies and inexactitudes, in the politics of Saint Lucia, Prime Minister and Minister for National Security Philip J. Pierre, reiterated on Wednesday that the deliberate practice is a bugbear to resources, online and offline, and the adventures of Artificial intelligence, (AI).

Faced with current disillusionment and sustained public opinion discord, misinformation, lies and inexactitudes is a security threat that can create or exploit divisions within the country, and undermine public trust in government.

“This is a disservice to Saint Lucia that affects the politics and development of the island locally and internationally, said Prime Minister Pierre.”

There has been a dramatic change of course to a customary tale that is not inspirational with no reason for hope, encompassing “three types of lies ― lies, damn lies, and statistics.” ― Benjamin Disraeli.

Recently, countries have responded to programs and ideology with Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) to strengthen cooperation on countering information manipulation.

Acting on recent tendencies, Saint Lucia may have to follow international trends that seek to cap information manipulation, which includes disinformation and propaganda.

Prime Minister Pierre recently expressed ‘sadness, outraged’ and at ‘wit’s end’ over crime in St Lucia.

PM Pierre expresses ‘sadness, outraged’ and at ‘wit’s end’ over crime in St Lucia

History has shown the effects of mismatched security and policy applications in Saint Lucia, relative to the components of internal and external dynamics.

Delivering the feature address at the ceremonial opening at the Hall of Justice’s Convocation Hall in Port of Spain, in 2015, Chief Justice Ivor Archie said, “We must pull things back and restore public trust and confidence in all our legitimate institutions.”

Restoring cohesion requires a commitment to security, compatible with the pursuit of Saint Lucia’s national interest. And “an interlocking equilibrium must exist to deliver on the prescriptions to an economic policy capable to withstand external volatility and security dynamism with temperance and wisdom,” referenced by previous writings  ~ 2015, Part 1 and Part 2.

The threats contributing to destabilization faced by Saint Lucia require a coordinated action, understanding commitment to expand cooperation against disinformation including through CARICOM and the OECS.

To advance a coordinated effort to counter the threats of information manipulation is worth respecting freedom of expression, and protecting free, open, fact-based global information within a Freedom of Information Bill.

Actions must also be outlined in plans to align policies, collective security, specific contingency and development goals.

Unanswered questions in the interest of Saint Lucia’s trepidation are ‘torn between dealing with the underlying quest for a new dispensation in politics, economic development, security and safety issues.’

The US Department of State’s Framework to Counter Foreign State Information Manipulation offers five Key Action Areas.

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