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PM Pierre exercise authority over junior minister Richard Frederick’s assertions

  • “There have been no discussions within the government regarding changes to the constitution,” Philip J Pierre.

By Caribbean News Global

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Prime Minister Philip J Pierre has replied contrary to the accession, that, “the government intends to amend the constitution such that only individuals born in Saint Lucia may hold the position of prime minister.”

Whether in a private or cabinet minister capacity – minister in the office of the prime minister with responsibility for housing and local government, Richard Frederick, previously alluded to none-born Saint Lucians disqualification for consideration as prime minister.

According to published reports Tuesday, November 14, 2023, “Pierre emphasized that there have been no discussions within the government regarding changes to the constitution.” 

Conversations about “amending the constitution” always engulf the country, including nationals living in the diaspora, fact-finding: is there a resurgence of the politics of racism – the return of segregation and despair in Saint Lucia?

What is the added value in the politics of racism in Saint Lucia in conjunction with a cabinet of collective responsibility, not recognizing born Saint Lucia’s living in the diaspora as Saint Lucians, (and have no place in the politics, business and political parties), except for denoting the importance of remittances, barrels, donations and disaster relief?

Conditional on the politics and economy of Saint Lucia, Foreign Direct Invest, (FDI) helps in the recital at every opportunity, the value of investments, progress and GDP projections; meanwhile marketing a tourism destination with an economy very dependent on tourism in every dimension.

Thus it is illogical that any government would consider racism as a principal policy to segment the politics and economy of Saint Lucia, incapable of doing little for itself on any level.

Previously and leading to Tuesday, the opposition locked onto a ‘presumable false flag’ and commented:

“They are now so desperate to get rid of me from the political landscape that they are working on legislation to table in parliament, which would prevent me from serving the people of Micoud South and the citizens of Saint Lucia,” the opposition leader stated. “The SLP has employed every strategy possible to get rid of me from Saint Lucian politics; they even launched a campaign against me based on the colour of my skin and the country that I was born in, (Martinique).”

Speaking at the Saint Lucia Labour Party conference of delegates on Sunday, November 12, 2023, prime minister of Grenada, Dickon Mitchell, said:

“Together, you will advance. Together, you will achieve and together you will ensure that is only people who live in Saint Lucia continue to run Saint Lucia. Make sure that is people who like the Caribbean, who like Caribbean institutions, who are proud of our culture and our heritage because that is what we have – Saint Lucianess and that is what you need to embrace,” the leader of Grenada’s ruling National Democratic Congress told the SLP delegates.

Prime minister Pierre’s explanation on Tuesday, according to a political analysis “may have communicated the torment to indiscipline and/or discipline of information dissemination, the lack of transparency, democratic values, and the well-being of the nation” that has, hitherto “tussles to level with the people of Saint Lucia and moving the country forward. The weekly rowdiness adds to the detractions, the wallowing of rumours and false narratives.”

It is time to level with the people of Saint Lucia and develop the country with consideration and broad consensus, not triviality to race, religion, political affiliation and loyalty to the party, and the cabal of political intemperance.



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