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People are at the core of transformational development plans, says president Ali

By Caribbean News Global contributor

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, (DPI) –  His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali said Guyanese can look to the future with confidence as the government is committed to ensuring that people remain at the core of its development plans and that they benefit from the transformation taking place across all sectors. People are at the heart of developments and mechanisms are being put in place to ensure that they benefit and to ensure government accountability.

President Ali made these statements during recent interviews with journalists Gordon Moseley and Devina Samaroo.

“The promises made in the PPP/C’s manifesto will become plans and policies, including the pledge to increase connectivity through infrastructural development” president Ali, added: “Our country would go through a period of transformation, infrastructure transformation, technological transformation and also transformation of our human resources.”

In this regard, the government has advanced several infrastructure projects since the passage of the emergency budget 2020. Construction is already underway to rehabilitate and build access roads and bridges in farming and other communities, to construct pedestrian overpasses, major road networks and electrical power plants. Expressions of Interest have already been sought for the construction of some major projects, including the new harbour bridge and the Ogle to Haags Bosch road.

With the advent of COVID-19, Guyanese ingenuity coupled with modern technology, has seen new, small businesses created; children educated through innovate means after the forced closure of schools in March, and professionals and businesspersons trained and retrained to utilise information and communication technology (ICT) to work efficiently and effectively and to manage businesses, from home.

Further, with the recent liberalisation of the telecommunications Guyanese can expect to see a major and rapid expansion in the ICT sector. These opportunities are expected to multiply and increase efficiency, even as they reduce inequalities by providing and expanding access and service to previously unserved groups and communities.

“We’re working right now on a monitoring platform, one which is a decision-making guiding tool for government itself, where we can integrate what happens from the NDC level all the way to the ministries so we can have an understanding as to what are the issues on the ground,”  president Ali said.

The government is also building a platform that helps the population to keep track of developments which is committed to in its manifesto.

Since assuming office on August 2, the government has wasted no time in moving ahead with its plans. One day after his inauguration, the president hosted a press conference with recently elected Surinamese president, His Excellency Chandrikapersad “Chan” Santokhi where the two Heads of State committed to the constructing a bridge across the Corentyne River, linking the two countries.

“We have ongoing conversations as it relates to the Corentyne River Bridge,” the president told journalists. The Guyana-Suriname road link is not the only one on the cards. The government is also engaging Brazilian officials to advance the Guyana-Brazil discussions on the land transportation link and deep-water harbour, which will make it easier to facilitate trade.

“A very high-level visit is set to take place sometime next month from Brazil. In that visit and uppermost on the agenda is the deepwater harbour and the road connection to Brazil,” president Ali disclosed.

With the pending development of additional links with Guyana’s borders, the government has already begun to implement measures to ensure its security. Recently, in collaboration with the United States government, the Shiprider Agreement was greenlighted to suppress illicit traffic by sea and air.

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