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Ortega regime has dismantled democratic institutions in Nicaragua, says minister Joly

OTTAWA, Canada – Mélanie Joly, minister of foreign affairs, today issued the following statement on the so-called inauguration in Nicaragua:

“Over the past four years, the Ortega regime has dismantled democratic institutions in Nicaragua. It has manipulated the electoral process to cling to power by arresting and detaining political opponents, repressing independent media and forcing journalists and civil society leaders into exile. As a result, Nicaragua’s November 7 elections lacked democratic legitimacy as does the inauguration taking place today.

“Canada repeats its call for the Ortega regime to reverse its destructive course and seek a peaceful and democratic resolution to the ongoing crisis.

“This reversal would start with the regime immediately releasing all political prisoners. Canada also calls on the regime to accept the Good Offices Mission from the Organization of American States (OAS) with the aim of encouraging a national dialogue that would lead to holding early elections, under credible international observation, that are free, fair and transparent. As well, Canada calls on the regime to take steps to adhere to the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

“The Government of Canada previously implemented targeted sanctions under the Special Economic Measures Act in response to the ongoing, gross and systematic violations of human rights in Nicaragua. We will continue to use all our diplomatic tools to hold this oppressive regime and its enablers to account.

“Canada welcomes the decisive actions taken by its international partners, including the United States and the European Union, and will continue to work with them to leverage support and put pressure on the regime to restore democracy and respect human rights.

“Canada will continue to work with democracies in the region and around the world, including at the OAS and UN Human Rights Council, to support the aspirations of the Nicaraguan people for a more peaceful, just and democratic future.”



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