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My Trinidad: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – February 2024

By Margaret Syne

What’s Inside! We welcome the first in a new series of political morality by MyT’s founder, Tony Deyal. We also welcome Ishwar Sooklal as he takes a journey of resilience and fortitude in climbing Ben Nevis.

There is for you, a story of disillusioned love as well as a tragic story of forbidden love during slavery, together with a classic ole time calypso kind of bacchanal love.

On a more serious note, should calypso commentary remain after the court’s ruling? Plus a pen portrait of a new calypsonian. The fantasy of two kids on a time train and the essence of the raindrop vital for renewal and completion of an ode.

Check out two easy recipes to keep you cool in this hot and dusty dry season, but it is not as sweet as a countryside Watcho’s Snowcone. You are privy to more stunning photos of avifauna in SW Trinidad.

I hope your carnival and Valentine’s Day went your way. Ash Wednesday opened the Lenten season along with Kite season and more frequent trips to the beach. Seas are dangerous at this time of year, so look out for the Rip Tides.

The Sahara dust continues as it gives us breathtaking Sunsets, but more allergies. Be safe!




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