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Light a candle on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10

By The Caribbean Voice

NEW YORK, USA –  Given that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for the traditional annual candlelight vigil to mark World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), The Caribbean Voice (TCV) is joining with the International Society for Suicide Prevention in the ‘Light A Candle/Diya’ campaign.

This annual initiative urges everyone to light a candle, diya or whatever else – near a window at 8 pm on September 10, to show your support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one and to embrace the survivors of suicide. Additionally, TCV will also be having a virtual observance of World Suicide Prevention Day from 7 – 9 pm on September 10. This program will include a showcasing of light a candle across the Caribbean and North America and we’re inviting individuals, organizations and households to send us pictures and videos showing them lighting their candles or diyas.

TCV is also encouraging families, survivors and/or persons who have lost members to suicide to make – the light a candle – a family event by connecting on Zoom or any eligible social media platform, so all members can light at the same time, probably say a prayer and engage in whatever else may be deemed appropriate.

The Zoom to Facebook program will also include messages from various stakeholders – governments, NGOs and influentials – suicide prevention related music and information such as suicide warning signs and myths and misinformation about suicide.

We encourage line ministers, their representatives throughout the Caribbean, leading regional NGOs that are engaged in suicide prevention, suicide prevention activists and health care personnel can join with us to send out messages and/or share experiences.

Additionally, TCV is planning two virtual panel discussions on suicide and prevention among two groups that are not usually focused on: the indigenous communities/first peoples in the Caribbean and Caribbean youth. We invite representatives of all Caribbean first peoples and youth groups to touch base with TCV to be included in discussions which will be held between September 11 to October 10.

Interested personnel and entities are requested to touch base with TCV via email at, call or WhatsApp +1 (646) 461-0574 or Facebook message Annan Boodram, Bibi Ahamad, Kissandra Fox, Harry Shivdat, Rayon Mantoos, Livasti Bhooplall or Czerina Aayshah Charvi Castello-Raja.

Meanwhile, the public can log onto TCV’s Facebook page ‘Saving Lives Empowering People’ – abuseandsuicideprevention – to listen in and comment at 7 pm on September 10.



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