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Leader emergence: The tale of good candidates strange and dangerous political parties in St Lucia

By Harvey Cenac

People often ask whether leaders are born or made? I would argue that leaders emerge. For example, let us look at the situation in the constituency of Choiseul/Saltibus candidacy of Dr Alphonsus St Rose and by extension Saint Lucia.

Unfortunately, in our politics, we do not always choose candidates who are the best leaders. Instead, we choose party loyalists who “go along to get along,” and who sacrifice their values just to get along.

What Choiseul/Saltibus needs is real leadership which could be best described as having the drive and courage to create and act on the vision. It is also about leading with values and the sacrifice of oneself for the benefit of the people.

This means leadership can arise from anywhere, and often the right leader will emerge from among the people, regardless of political ties or incumbency.

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Naturally, this brings me to Dr Alphonsus St Rose candidacy for Choiseul/Saltibus. While he may not be as established in this strange political system, as he is in our healthcare arena, Dr St Rose is the leader that has emerged with great force in our current political situation. Besides, his leadership qualities, he has the support of the people.

It is said of candidates and elections that an ideal political candidate comes around once in a generation, and maybe even once in a lifetime. In the last decade, Saint Lucia has had more of her fair share of this type of candidate. To this end, Dr St Rose is such a candidate.

The citizens of Choiseul/Saltibus should have their stated wish to have the candidate they choose and the government they deserve.

Dr St Rose is a humble man. As a physician, he has and continues to serve the citizenry providing medical care and exhibiting his call to duty with professionalism and excellence. He functions with strength and dignity and will lead according to his values and convictions. Additionally, he is flexible and will reach across and work with others for the greater good of his people and country.

Dr St Rose is the candidate the people of Choiseul/Saltibus have chosen and he is the candidate they should get.

While one party seeks a second term – the other seeks to form the next government without any full promise of leading the nation toward its full capacity, sits in disarray, fractioned and unable to lead from within, let alone lead the country.

The people of Choiseul/Saltibus are crying out for a new form of leadership that will not fall into the hands of corruption or become the usual rubber stamp of party politics.

The community understands that the best chief citizen is Dr St Rose. He understands the issues the community is dealing with in this COVID-19 world. He has a development plan to deal with our healthcare needs, a plan to grow our economy, improve our children’s education, and offer a better future for our youth, whiles providing hope to our community.

Choiseul – Saltibus regains its independence with Dr St Rose – video

It is in these trying times that our community needs a leader to emerge and work as a genuinely independent candidate.

For these reasons, I, Harvey Cenac, enthusiastically endorse Dr Alphonsus St Rose to be Choiseul/Saltibus next parliamentary representative. I urge the rank and file of Choiseul/Saltibus to support the candidature of Dr Alphonsus St Rose.



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