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Jamaica Elections: Voters without ID will be allowed to cast ballot

By Charnele Henry

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) – Electors without a Voter Identification (ID) Card will be allowed to cast their ballot on Election Day, September 3, once their names can be found on the Voters’ List.

Speaking in a recent interview with JIS News, director of elections, Glasspole Brown, said the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) has put measures in place to identify electors in order to enable them to vote.

“They can turn up to the polling station on Election Day and they will be allowed to vote. The difference is that they will be required to take an oath. We have a mechanism within the polling stations to identify them,” he noted.

For persons with Voter ID cards with expiry dates of 2017 and 2019, Brown said that they remain valid. The EOJ began the Voter ID card renewal process in November of last year.

“We had extended the validation period to the end of December. All you need to do is come to the polling station with that card and those cards will be used as part of the process to identify you,” Brown informed.

Individuals who have been previously registered to vote but lost their Voter ID cards are encouraged to apply for a replacement at their EOJ constituency office.

As it relates to new persons, who were placed on the Voters’ List published on July 31, Brown advised that “those cards are about ready and they should go to their (EOJ) constituency offices and pick up the new cards”.

Persons who would like to confirm that their names are on the Voters’ List can visit the Electoral Commission of Jamaica’s website,, or visit an EOJ constituency office or Post Office in their area where the July 31, 2020 Voters’ List is published.

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