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Indirect air freight between Aruba – Venezuela allowed under certain conditions

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – The ministry of transport, integrity, nature and elderly affairs recently announced the newly introduced air traffic policy – interim traffic management due to the latest developments in aviation.

This new policy addresses the challenges that arose after Curacao opened the border with Venezuela, while the air border between Aruba and Venezuela remains closed.

Indirect air freight between Aruba and Venezuela is allowed but under certain conditions. The new policy allows local companies to operate cargo flights from Venezuela via Curacao, while cargo flights from Venezuelan airlines are also allowed to fly on this route.

The current ban remains in effect for direct cargo flights, including passenger flights, between Aruba and Venezuela and combined flights between Aruba and Venezuela. Passenger flights with connecting flights in a third country will also remain prohibited.

The bilateral aviation agreement includes the specific conditions applicable to indirect cargo flights. The temporary policy establishes several rules to guide commercial cargo flights until the border between Aruba and Venezuela reopens. Flights from Venezuela and Aruba (or vice versa) with a connection in another country are limited to three times a week frequency and comply with the conditions of the local and international authorities.

The interim policy requires commercial licenses to be granted mutually according to the principles of reciprocity.

The ministry of transport, integrity, nature and elderly affairs implements this new policy and, according to the decision of the council of ministers, will remain in force until the border with Venezuela reopens.

The establishment of this policy required the input of Immigration Aruba, Aruba Customs, department of Shipping Aruba, department of Civil Aviation, department of foreign relations, and the ministry of economic affairs. communications and sustainable development.

With this new air traffic policy, the government is fulfilling its commitment to maintain public safety, encourage responsible aviation practices, and help stimulate our economy.



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