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Guyana has restored confidence in democracy and the economy, says president Ali

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, (DPI) – President of Guyana Dr Irfaan Ali announced that in under a year, his government, through its policies and programmes, has restored confidence in the country’s democracy and economy; speaking at the virtual address to the Town Hall Forum, organised by the International Center for Democracy (ICD), in Richmond Hill, Queens New York.


The president acknowledged and expressed appreciation for the sterling watchdog role and advocacy of the ICD in defending the people’s democratic rights prior to elections and during the elections impasse from March 2 – August 2, 2020.

“I wish, in this regard, to commend the efforts of forces at home and in the diaspora, who stood their ground and demanded the respect of the will of the electorate. The ICD was in the forefront of the diaspora’s clamour for respect for the will of the people. I recall its statement of April 7, 2020, when it insisted on the people of Guyana having a government that was democratically elected in a free, fair and transparent manner.

“Guyana owes a debt of gratitude to non-profit and non-partisan organisations in the diaspora, such as the ICD, the president added, “ it was the vigilance of democratic loving forces, their outspoken and principled stance, and their robust and sterling advocacy which allowed democracy to survive the brutal attempt of its suppression.”


President Ali pointed to developments in the tourism and hospitality sector with the planned construction of two more internationally-branded hotels and the addition of several more before the end of the year. In addition, the president outlined that more than 40 projects have been approved for manufacturing and fabrication, including a cement and asphalt plant, a large scale plantation farm and agro-processing facilities.

“We will see a new milk plant and the completion of a US$20 million juice plant, corn and soya production to meet the full needs of our poultry sector,” president Ali added, “the confidence in our economy in just ten months in a COVID environment has seen increased growth in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, construction, wholesale and retail. In this covid environment, we are also managing a horrible flood that has affected the lives of tens of thousands of our Guyanese brothers and sisters, while we also had to deal with post-election issues.”

Guyana’s revenue projections for the first half of this year has surpassed its projection by $11.3 million due to the growth in these sectors. The country has also witnessed a 100 percent improvement in the balance of payments deficit; which has also stabilised reserve holdings and public debts. The government has been able to remove, more than $50 billion of the tax burden imposed by the former government on the people of Guyana. And according to president Ali, “by the removal of those taxes, we have put back in the pockets of ordinary Guyanese more than $50 billion annually.”

“Investments in drainage, irrigation, infrastructure, and road works will see the opening up of thousands of acres of agricultural land, aquaculture and large-scale agriculture investment. The construction of 28 new schools, the scholarship programme and the injection of $4 billion in online learning and community training and the printing of education materials during the pandemic to keep school children in a learning environment,” the president outlined.

“So my dear brothers and sisters, I am pleased to tell you that we have started this journey and we intend to work every single day, harder than the previous day, to realise the dream of all of us; that is a better, more prosperous and fulfilling Guyana,” said president Ali.



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